Friday, April 9, 2010

The Art of Sweat

As a graphic designer, I thrive on creativity and appreciate it in all aspects of life. I find myself in constant awe of Creative Genius that I discover in books, movies, art, music, advertising, clothing, architecture, etc.

Today, it occurred to me that I have encountered another form of creativity, and have been experiencing it for the last two months. No, not in my kitchen (my diet has become quite dull due to the lack of spectacular cheeses), but in my training.

I realized that I've attended 30+ workouts at BCTG and have never repeated the same workout routine. Nope, not once. True, they recycle basic exercises (wish they would retire the "burpee"), but they are combined with new exercises, or have different reps/timing cycles, or are simply made more challenging. (Don't even ask how many variations on a "plank" they can come up with.) When you consider that their equipment is minimal (ropes, kettlebells, rings, bars, sleds, tires, etc.) compared to other gyms that have a hundred different machines, one has to appreciate the thought and planning that goes into a BCTG workout routine.

Every workout requires us to use our bodies in new and different ways; we don't have the option to adjust weight, pressure, or resistance on a machine. Our only "adjustment" is how far we can push ourselves.

Maybe this is why BCTG has become so appealing to me. I never know what to expect (besides getting my butt kicked); each workout is unique. (And just what muscles are sore the day-after can be a bit of a surprise, as well.)

I once again find myself awed by Creative such an unexpected place.


  1. I will have to use this as a testimony. What a great description of what we do! Thank you so much.