Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Weigh in Tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow is the end. A chant keeps running through my head....we weigh in tomorrow, we weigh in tomorrow, we weigh in tomorrow. Though of course, it must compete with another mantra that's playing on repeat... carbs, carbs, pasta, carbs, potatoes, carbs, pasta, carbs. You get the idea.

This won't be a long blog full of reflection and words of wisdom. Nope, we'll all do that after we actually weigh in and can finally quantify our 3 months of hard work. I just wanted to recognize the fact that we have arrived! 3 months of diet and insane exercising are coming to an end! It's a bittersweet feeling though. I look at pictures of myself and think, who's that girl with those muscular legs?? And those toned biceps! I only hope that I can keep up the exercise regime so that in 3 months, 6 months, 2 years even I'll be able to say those same things. We've been prepared for the rest of our lives with what we've learned at BootcampsToGo, so I darn well better!

Good luck to all teams, and see you at the finish line! *sigh* I did just use a running metaphor. Curse you running addiction (now picture me shaking my fist in the air)!


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