Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Day Looming Ahead


Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: Club Rayn
1660 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303-5590

Party Vibe: “Healthy Happy Hour” – business casual attire
  • local restaurants will be on hand to provide “chef’s sampler” of healthy appetizers
  • attendees pay $10 admission at the door
  • highlights will be the recognition of WellQuest teams/sponsors and winner of Take it Off Tallahassee ($1000 prize) and the winner of WellQuest and MyWellQuest!
  • a cash bar will be available, and other beverages will be complimentary
  • co-workers, friends, and family (kids, too) are welcome!
RSVP at the Working Well page on FaceBook.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Travel

A weight-loss challenge? Sure, I'll sign up...I need to lose some weight, this should be fun.

So much fun making the video...they've got to pick us!

We were selected! Three months/90 days? Yeah, I can commit to that.

We got paired with Boot Camps to Go...I'm scared! But, it's going to be tough in a good way, right?

Love our trainer, but this Boot Camp thing is crazy! My body is too old/out of shape for this.

I'm not sure I can survive on this new diet.

Why am I running/stumbling/panting down Capital Circle in the rain?

One actual serving of pasta is really small.

I'm kicking ass keeping within my calorie count.

Whoa! Laurel informed me that my diet is full of fat/preservatives/chemicals, and lacks in protein/nutrients.

Buying fruits and vegetables.

Thanks for the meal suggestions, Jo, but I don't cook.

I'm not sure I can do burpees without throwing up.

Bitterly consuming more veggies and fruits than I care for.

Why can't I jump up on a mat with two feet? Stop laughing at my lack of coordination.

I miss cheese.

No, Katy, I'm not going to run a 5K with you.

Food pisses me off.

It's only 45 minutes...I can do this.

OK, the extra veggies and fruit aren't so bad.

Wow, I can do real in more than one.

Always thought nuts were good...dammit, savoring my quarter-cup allowance.

No matter what, I'm finishing this circuit.

I really want a cheeseburger & fries.

I can see my biceps, sans (well, smaller) Bingo Wings.

Spoke too soon... feeble attempts at the kettlebell chest-press.

Trying on jeans..."can you get these in a smaller size?" YEAH!

Discovered that a no-carb stretch has the same effects as PMS.

Didn't finish the circuit and I cried. (How embarrassing.)

Final Weigh-In: lost over my 10 lb. goal, and decreased my body fat, cholesterol levels, etc. We won't know the Team winners until May 20, but at least I've been rewarded with a healthier and stronger body. Thank you GTO KO's and BCTG for pushing/encouraging me to stick with the diet and workouts. This time-warp has resulted in benefits for all of us. Way to go GTO-KO's!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Weigh in Tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow is the end. A chant keeps running through my head....we weigh in tomorrow, we weigh in tomorrow, we weigh in tomorrow. Though of course, it must compete with another mantra that's playing on repeat... carbs, carbs, pasta, carbs, potatoes, carbs, pasta, carbs. You get the idea.

This won't be a long blog full of reflection and words of wisdom. Nope, we'll all do that after we actually weigh in and can finally quantify our 3 months of hard work. I just wanted to recognize the fact that we have arrived! 3 months of diet and insane exercising are coming to an end! It's a bittersweet feeling though. I look at pictures of myself and think, who's that girl with those muscular legs?? And those toned biceps! I only hope that I can keep up the exercise regime so that in 3 months, 6 months, 2 years even I'll be able to say those same things. We've been prepared for the rest of our lives with what we've learned at BootcampsToGo, so I darn well better!

Good luck to all teams, and see you at the finish line! *sigh* I did just use a running metaphor. Curse you running addiction (now picture me shaking my fist in the air)!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Driven to Tears

It's become apparent that our little no-carb stint is wreaking havoc on my emotional state. I was warned that I would be grouchy, although the alternative for the word "witch" is a more apt description of my attitude.

I've also noticed that my brain is a bit foggy. This may not be detectable to the human eye, as I am quite ditzy and scattered; my family already hears, "Where are my sunglasses/where is my phone/where are my keys?" on a daily basis. Now, I find myself exclaiming, "Oh sh*t, it's Wednesday," in the middle of what-I-thought-was-Tuesday, and suddenly have to gather all the balls I've dropped. In fact, I'm having trouble writing this blog. (Will someone do something about that annoying dog barking outside? Oops, that's MY dog!)

And this evening, my emotions took a turn for the worse. Walking Kettlebell Suicides...on an incline. For starters, I just couldn't get the technique down. Although Mike tried patiently to help me correct the movement, I kept screwing it up. Katy was waiting at the top of the slope, cheering me on to the finish line when Mike called Time. I mouthed to her, "I didn't finish," and made an exaggerated frown-face.

Whoa! The bottom-lip-extension was a bad idea; it immediately triggered the tear ducts. Yep, I actually started crying during my workout. I know, I know... pathetic. Which is exactly how I felt. Thankfully, my face was dripping with perspiration, so I could pull off the "wiping sweat from my brow" maneuver.

While I can attribute some of this to the low-carb imbalance, I was truly frustrated that I let myself down. You see, about half-way into the WellQuest Challenge/Boot Camps To Go training, I realized that I could complete each circuit as long as I pushed myself to do so. No, it's never become's just that I had passed the "can't do it" mark. So, here we are--just one week away from the WellQuest weigh in--and I failed to complete a BCTG circuit. Again... pathetic.

But, I knew that if I gave into my emotions, my fellow Boot Campers would be bewildered and Mike might think I had injured myself and halt the workout to check on my condition. So I focused on an image of what's written on the BCTG gym floor: SUCK IT UP!

Tears dried (sweat didn't), Jo, Katy, and I were URBAN ASSAULT-ed, and I did get a hellacious workout...

but I'm still pissed that I didn't finish.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GTO KO's we are worth something ALWAYS!

We all sometimes think less of ourselves and this is a perfect example of one of those times:

A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20.00 bill?" Hands started going up. He said "I am going to give this $20 to one of you, but first let me do this." He proceeded to crumple the $20 bill up.

He then asked, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands went up in the air.

"Well, what if I do this?" He dropped it on the ground and started to grind it in with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now who still wants it?" And again the hands went up in the air.

"My friends we have all learned a valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money you still wanted it because it didn't decrease in value. It is still worth $20."

He added, "Many times in our lives we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel we are worthless. No matter what has happened or what will happen, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR VALUE! Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who do love you! THE WORTH IN OUR LIVES COMES NOT IN WHAT WE DO OR WHO WE KNOW, BUT BY WHO WE ARE!!!"

You are special don't ever forget it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Kettlebell "Nightmare"

So, I had this dream last night. I was trapped in a gym. There were HUNDREDS of kettlebells hanging from the ceiling, threatening to drop at any moment. All around the floor were more kettlebells, of all shapes and sizes. There was a blonde man grinning evilly as he chased me and several other women around the torture chamber, errrr- gym. We were forced to throw kettlebells at each other, lay in the path of a giant rolling kettlebell, and several other unspeakable things. Yet, just when all seemed hopeless, all of the captives came together and overpowered our captor (he turned out to be a fairly dull crayon in the box).

While this dream scared me fairly bad, and I'm more than a little terrified to look at a kettlebell tonight, I realized today it was actually a metaphor for this whole journey. While Laurel and Mike are not actually evil, Bootcamp and the kettlebell seemed, in the beginning, to be an insurmountable obstacle. And yet, as we near the end of this competition, I realize we have overcome our "captor;" the "I cant's," the "too hards," and of course, the kettlebell!

**I, Katharine Zamesnik, do certify this dream to be a true and honest dream, and agree to be held responsible for any misrepresentation thereof. (Honestly, who could make this up?)**

Cut out the stress and realize we can't play by old rules!

These blogs can be hard at times especially when we are pouring out our deepest inner thoughts and secrets. Not to mention having to be honest with not only yourself but millions of viewers! Each day Heather sends out an inspiring email called "Daily Dose" (healthy living) and what it boils down to is you can't play by old rules! When looking at this contest we think try harder, instead of trying differently!

We realize that our workout and diets are changing and in an attempt to cope, we react as if more is the answer. Don't get me wrong, I know we all put our best foot forward and push ourselves to almost insanity, not to mention the enduring pain when it's hard to even walk! While our workouts and diets are taking on totally new dimensions...making new demands...calling for new habits...we are still trying to add more! Struggling to compete and win really wears on the nerves! After awhile the stress and strain cause engine damage to the mental state of mind!

Now even though adapting is tough...we have to remember how difficult it was a little over 2 months ago when we couldn't even imagine being where we are today. Rather than barreling ahead with the same old behaviors that worked well enough in the past, we must learn new routines. We must make the necessary shift in our mindset so that our thinking is aligned with our new realities.

The reality is this: I have lost 9 lbs during this competition so far. In my mind my goal was 50 lbs when I started...therefore the stress is reminding me that I have not accomplished my goal! This can be overwhelming and I need to remind myself that I am not playing by the old rules and I have changed my old habits! Cutting out the stress? We will always have some in life as long as we know how to take it and turn it into a positive it's all good! I will continue to do things differently and I have faith that the end results will be very good for all of us! GO GTO KO's!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Art of Sweat

As a graphic designer, I thrive on creativity and appreciate it in all aspects of life. I find myself in constant awe of Creative Genius that I discover in books, movies, art, music, advertising, clothing, architecture, etc.

Today, it occurred to me that I have encountered another form of creativity, and have been experiencing it for the last two months. No, not in my kitchen (my diet has become quite dull due to the lack of spectacular cheeses), but in my training.

I realized that I've attended 30+ workouts at BCTG and have never repeated the same workout routine. Nope, not once. True, they recycle basic exercises (wish they would retire the "burpee"), but they are combined with new exercises, or have different reps/timing cycles, or are simply made more challenging. (Don't even ask how many variations on a "plank" they can come up with.) When you consider that their equipment is minimal (ropes, kettlebells, rings, bars, sleds, tires, etc.) compared to other gyms that have a hundred different machines, one has to appreciate the thought and planning that goes into a BCTG workout routine.

Every workout requires us to use our bodies in new and different ways; we don't have the option to adjust weight, pressure, or resistance on a machine. Our only "adjustment" is how far we can push ourselves.

Maybe this is why BCTG has become so appealing to me. I never know what to expect (besides getting my butt kicked); each workout is unique. (And just what muscles are sore the day-after can be a bit of a surprise, as well.)

I once again find myself awed by Creative such an unexpected place.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creature FEETure

Thanks to Shaw's Athletics for enduring this evening's GTO KO invasion!

As part of the WellQuest Challenge, each team has to go on a health/fitness related outing along with a videographer. The KO's were selected to be fitted for the perfect pair of running shoes at Shaw's.

Upon arriving, we were asked to slip off our shoes, to which Katy quipped, "Without even having a glass of wine?"

After inquiries regarding foot, knee, and back pain, we had our Walk & Turn analyzed (in sock-feet). Although we rocked it like runway models, the feedback was peppered with terms like "pronation" and "supination." On the spot, we started a "No Pronation" Support Group and tossed out slogans and bumper sticker ideas for our salesman. He, being tolerant and patient, retreated to the stockroom to select our perfect shoes.

He returned with nine boxes (three different pairs for each of us to try). However, his suggestion of larger sizes was met with vocal dismay. Listen up, Shoe Marketers: women's sizes should be Super Petite, Petite, Extra Small, and Small. We don't like larger numbers, period.

Then he had us walk and run in each pair for further analysis, at which point I learned I am a "Ball-of-Footer." A technique which was certainly developed during my years of running from busted under-age keg parties. (PS. Katy tried to convince me once again to join her in running a 5K, but I'm having none of her Kool-Aid. Keep your cult to yourself.)

I have no doubt this experience scared our videographer, Jay, from shopping with women for life! "This one looks like a bullet." "Do you have these in another color?" "I can't tell which one feels better, I've only tried on shoes for cuteness." "Where are the support stilettos?" (Note to WellQuest: Jay is awesome, completely professional and fun to work with.)

Super-shopper Katy had to be talked down from some impulse buys, Jo had to pull her tongue, and I left with a new phobia...Black Toe. However, we all purchased a new pair of shoes, so it was a win-win for all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

KO Chain Gang

We're at the toughest part of the WellQuest Challenge: one month to prove that we can maintain our exercise and diet regimes without the guidance and support of a trainer.

As we begin our last month of the competition, we must remember that while there is no
I in "team," there is an I in "win."

We cannot rest on our laurels (or even Laurel, for that matter). We have four more weeks to improve our individual fitness, and therefore the total fitness of the team.
As a team, we're only as strong as our weakest link. So, let's keep the chain strong enough to pull us to victory!

As they say at BCTG...Suck it up!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birth of a Climbing Monkey (I mean Junkie)

Harness, Check

Shoes, Check

Rope, Check

Trusted Belayer, Check…I think?

I found myself climbing up a wall with nothing but a rope and a trusted friend, keeping me from hitting the ground. As I reached the halfway point between the ground and the top, I started to shake. Physically shake...the kind where you feel weak and sweaty. For a split second I doubted my abilities and realized that I was climbing a VERTICAL wall. I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or simply anxiety but it felt like an overwhelming, out of control panic and then, just as fast as it had started, the panic was gone. Somehow I instinctively knew I could finish. Using the upper and lower body strength I’ve developed at BCTG, I was able to reach the top of the rock wall. I guess all those dang pushups, pull ups, tire flips, lunges and jump squats are paying off!

Once I reached the top, I still needed to get down. I looked down at my friend Amelia and thought, "I’m suppose to just let go?" I took a deep breath, asked Amelia if she was ready, yelled, "take" and leaned back with as much trust as one person can have in another as she gently and slowly eased me down the wall. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Not only was I able to accomplish something I thought I couldn’t do but I was also able to physically see how much stronger I am. I know with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to do this 6 weeks ago.

We climbed for about an hour and I could probably have kept going for another one. My body was tired and I could tell my arm muscles were fatigued, but it was so much fun that I wanted to continue. After one afternoon, I am a rock climbing junkie. I have looked into pricing packages, climbing clubs and I’m planning on going back this weekend. It’s a great workout for both my arms and legs and even my oblique muscles are sore.

I called Elise the minute I left the gym to share my excitement. When I told her what I had just done she said, "you did what?!" Though, Elise is afraid of heights I made her promise she would come with me to the Rock Gym. If she won’t climb, at least I can amaze her with my novice climbing abilities. I will never be an addict to running like Katy, but I will accompany her on the track some days and force her to come to the Rock Gym with me in exchange. Lately I have found myself enjoying the BCTG workouts and trying new and physically challenging activities. Maybe I’ll even sign up for the Mud Run with Katy next year.

What a surprise to find that I of all people would become a Rock Climbing Junkie?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Competition Jitters

The WellQuest Finish Line is looming, and I'm getting anxious.

I don't consider myself competitive, I tend to yield to others (unless it's a merge lane..."you knew you had to turn right, don't try to race up and cut in front of me!"). But, I feel like we have to win. We had the best entry video; put on a show at the Weigh-In (sporting I "heart" beer/pizza shirts until we revealed our GTO KO tees on-stage); drew the award winning gym/trainer; and have the Working Well's Inspiration Award Winner on our team.

Will we live up to our hubris?

Will we be proof that Boot Camps To Go kicks a$$?

We've been busting our butts, and our individual accomplishments are noticeable. But, have we worked harder than the other teams? I have no idea how the other teams are doing; their blogs are not quite as detailed/frequent as ours. Hopefully their blog enthusiasm reflects their workout/diet regimen.

Although the true goal of the WellQuest Challenge is to get us to develop healthier lifestyles, I want to see the GTO KO's bring home the Gold!

We've only got a couple of weeks left...we can do this...we will win...right?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi, My Name is Katy, and I am addicted...

Ok, blog followers. I have a confession to make. I feel that I am becoming addicted. Yes, I know, addiction is bad. Hi, my name is Katy and I have an addiction, all that good stuff. Step 1 is acknowledging that you have a problem. Here it is: 3 of the past 4 weeks I have been running in 10k races. One of which was a particularly grueling Mud Run in Jacksonville. And it’s not enough. Hours after I finish a race, I feel the familiar twinge, and start scratching, scratching, scratching.

I can’t get enough! I am researching races, constantly looking for my next fix. Can I make a 15k run in North Carolina? Surely I can drive 14 hours just to run, right? It’s all normal behavior….right? I am certain that I even kick my legs in my sleep (yes, just like a dog). A 5k? Child’s play. I’ll have to run it twice just to keep the withdrawals at bay (FYI- running withdrawals may include nightsweats, unexplained shaking of the limbs, the intense desire to run circles in one’s apartment, that sort of thing).

Here I am, furtively buying new, expensive running shoes, trying to get more and more out of each experience. I just can’t help it anymore. And I cannot be stopped! Lord knows what I will do next weekend; there is no race, no fix for this running junkie. I may just run off into the sunset.

So, dear blog followers, if you see a brunette running off into the sunset in a pair of bright fuchsia Vibram 5 Finger shoes, please have a moment in silence, knowing I have succumbed to my addiction.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Criminal Behavior

Sooo, I left last night's inspirational "time to tighten up" meeting ready to step up and take the remainder of this Challenge to the next level.

This morning, I slipped and fell face-first into a plate of illegal quiche. It was the most incredible meal I've had since beginning this diet...and it certainly is not included on the food list Laurel provided at the meeting.

Forgive me GTO KO's, for I have committed a crime. While Katy was running the 10K at Springtime, I was savoring every bite of a spinach-artichoke-mushroom-goat cheese-and-other-unholy-ingredients Slice of Heaven.

I met my mother at Craig's Killer Coffee for breakfast. While I knew this could be a potential set-back—and planned to eat my Grape-Nuts with low fat milk before meeting her—I hit the snooze bar too many times and left the house with an empty stomach. (Entered into Evidence as "Excuse #1).

Mom is visiting from out of town (Excuse #2). There was no fruit option (Excuse #3). It was a healthier choice than the Triple-Chocolate-Muffin (Excuse #4). I drank black coffee instead of the myriad of decadent Killer Coffee choices (Excuse #5).

While the jury acknowledges those excuses hold's literal, as in calories and fat.

The inner Judge denied my plea. I've become too educated about diet and exercise during this Challenge to justify a meal that possibly exceeded my caloric/fat intake for the entire day. However, I did notice a difference in how I handle personal failure, which has always followed a mantra of "you've already screwed up today, might as well fall off the wagon and start again tomorrow." So I partially served my sentence by: taking my dog on a long walk; doing push ups, sit ups, lunges, and dumbbells; eating an apple when finally hungry again (that piece of quiche lasted me 7 hours); taking a 45 minute high-intensity walk.

Did the punishment fit the crime? Only if I scale back on my calories/fat intake and increase my exercise for the next few days to burn off that quiche. Otherwise, my Offense will only manifest itself on my hips and thighs (and scale).

A public apology to my KO's: I'm sorry I screwed up. I will resist temptation for the remainder of our Challenge. I will do my best to ensure that we are the Winning Team!

But, allow me to praise Craig's Killer Coffee for being an awesome Accessory to the Crime. Their quiche/pizza/baked goods are AMAZING, and they have the BEST coffee in town. They're located inside Video 21 on Lafayette St. (across the Parkway from Governor's Square Mall). If you succumb to criminal behavior, you'll at least be supporting a local business.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The body is a wonder!

OK! OK! I know I am supposed to be positive so allow me to correct the title and say: The body is wonderFUL! I CAN allow a little more confusion in my life right now...but why all the damn hanging skin!?!?! I need to develop a greater tolerance for these constant changes, even though it does absolutely nothing for the self esteem! What a raw surprise to look in the mirror these days! Maybe I can think of the mirror as a movable object, flexible to fit the image! But this is not a circus mirror, this is my body folks!!!!

My concerns are legitimate and it has been a struggle to make this body adapt to ME! I look forward to being flexible and fit right into its constant demands for ICY HOT, PAIN RELIEVERS, MOTRIN and CELEBREX!

If this is a test of my inner strength, then I probably need to add stress relievers to the list above! I often wonder if anyone else in the world wakes up to taking 8 pills a day, a few pills during the day and goes to sleep taking a shot! My common sense tells me we would be in big trouble if we took all the pharmacies out of the equation! Not to mention HEALTH INSURANCE! I will let that battle die for NOW!

I am here to remind myself and my team this is not a failure or lost cause and we cannot or will not set ourselves up for more stress! Right now my behavior requires enormous amounts of emotional labor! However on a positive note I am grateful and feel more educated about the science of the body!

I love having Laurel as my instructor! She allows me to take whatever time I feel I need when exercising, therefore I feel I can't disappoint her and lag behind! My doctor had said "don't let the trainers push you too much!" I assured her that Laurel is not that type of trainer and has even suggested I take time off! Hold on! Wait a minute! I think Laurel was using the oldest trick in the know... Reverse Psychology! She seems to understand the roles of my crazy mental functions! Now I want to work harder than before! You are too slick Laurel and you have stabilized the situation! For that...I love you dearly!

At the end of the day I can honestly say...GIRL YOU ROCK! YOUR TEAM ROCKS! YOU GAVE IT 110%! YOUR TEAM GAVE IT 110%!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Facefull of Awesome (Not)

Nothing our trainer hasn't said before...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

No longer a newbie, I know what Boot Camps To Go is all about: an intense, no frills, cardio and strength-training program that will push you past your pre-conceived notions of what your body can do.

I suppose it's natural—when becoming a member a certain "tribe" (gym, workplace, club, church, political party, etc.)—to find oneself more aware of entities that compete with/oppose your chosen tribe. So, I found myself slightly irked when a client mentioned his daughter was taking "boot camp" at a local dance/fitness facility. I Googled it and had to chuckle...a Pole-fitness studio offering "Booty Camp"? Uh, OK, is that where pirates send their offspring for summer break?

Then today, flipping through an Ad/Max, I came upon an ad from a local karate studio offering Boot Camp in their "indoor climate-controlled training facility." Honestly, air-conditioned boot camp? Shouldn't that be an oxymoron?

Now, I'm not discrediting these businesses. If anything, it shows that they've seen the success of Boot Camps To Go and want to latch on. However, these facilities specialize in other forms of training and are offering "Boot Camp" as an aside. It's like ordering steak at a sushi bar.

Not having the experience of other "boot camps," I can't offer an honest comparison. But, what I can tell you without a doubt is that:

1) Boot Camps To Go is the ORIGINAL (since 2005) "Boot Camp" training workout in Tallahassee.
2) They have the results to back them up: check out
3) Laurel and Mike pay attention to your individual physical restrictions and will modify workouts to meet your needs.
4) It's the one place where you can push yourself to ugly—grunting, sighing, cursing, and sweating—and not feel embarrassed....because everyone else is, too.
5) BCTG have the Awards to prove it: Best Overall Fitness Program in Tallahassee, 2008, 2009, and 2010; People's Choice for Tallahassee's Best in the "Fitness" 2007.

And I'm not putting this out there because BCTG signed on to the WellQuest Challenge. It's just that when I see these other "boot camp" ads, I feel like I got the Rolex, and they're pushing the flea-market knock-off.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Diary

Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and be 100% honest with numero uno! In order for me to survive in this contest and in life I need to accept fate and move on, right? Wrong!

I can't yield to the seductive pull of self-pity, at least for any extended period of time. Acting like a victim only threatens my future! Am I better off to appear resilient and remain productive?

I will stand proud, pick up the pieces and start putting my journey to health back on track! I am better off to stay focused on what could be lost here and the sacrifices that I need to make rather than my own feelings and pain! To survive in this body I need to accept change! I need to prosper in one of the wealthiest things my body has going on....that is my health!

Rather than banging my head against the wall of hard reality and bruising my spirit, I need to invest my energy and make some quick adjustments! My own decisions are going to determine my success and my own stress level! So from now self pity! No excuses!

Diary I thank you for listening and God I'm asking YOU to make me strong in order to make your temple the best it can be! AMEN! My team mates I am asking you for your support in these hard times! In turn I will be more supportive! I love you all!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Down in the Valley

As they say, "Life is a series of Hills and Valleys." That always confused me because I didn't see the hill as a Good Thing. Winded and panting while trying to surmount it; reaching the summit only to be terrified by my fear of heights; and then toppling over the edge to collect brush and dirt with my face on the way down. Apparently, the valley is your "low point." But, it always looked better than the hill to me. Go figure. Just call me a "low-life"...or a Valley Girl—Gag me with a spoon! (dripping with Godiva chocolate, of course).

I was thrilled when my scale notified me for three days in a row that I had lost 8 lbs. Woo hoo! Almost at my 10 lb. goal! I was about to reach for those pants I wore 2 years ago...

until today, when that nasty little weight-indicating device flashed digits which proclaimed only a 5 lb. loss. I was so angry I nearly chunked an apple (my afternoon snack) at the damn thing. While I know I'm not supposed to become slave to the scale, I wondered how and why those 3 lbs. disappeared and then reappeared. Does karma or negative thoughts about Daylight Saving Time bear weight? That's gotta be it, because that (big splurge) fat-free feta I added to my salad was simply air that looked like cheese.

Patience is obviously not one of my virtues. (Do I even have virtues? Will virtues burn calories? I digress.) As my career involves marketing, I know all about "instant results" advertising and always read the fine print (Not typical results. This celebrity lost 30 lbs because she has a live-in personal trainer who makes her work out 10-times-a-day and her personal chef only feeds her dry dog food and water. Do not try this at home.) So, while I know that change is gradual —these 10 lbs made a home for themselves over 2 years— my mind actually expected a miracle after 5 weeks. Geez, I'm snacking on freaking fruits and veggies in lieu of Emerald Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Cashews and cheese-laden Triscuits. I've shunned mayo and sour cream. I spend 4 nights a week in Boot Camp training and walk/sprint 30 minutes a day.

Where are my Jennifer Aniston arms? Where are my Victoria's Secret thighs?

Yeah, I'm healthier and more toned than I was a month ago, but we're in a competition; if I'm not seeing drastic results, then how does this affect my team's chances of winning? I don't want to be the one who keeps our team and trainers from getting First Place.

Where is my Inner Cheerleader when I need her? Methinks that little (ahem) *witch* took off with the football team for a kegger. I have alerted a search party to bring her back alive, because I really need her right now. At this point, I could easily slip into agoraphobia and simply photoshop thinner versions of myself in family photos. Yeah, I could just become a skinny little avatar.

But, I gotta get up that hill. I just hope that my cheerleader was kind enough to put a roped-off landing there to keep me from falling off.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Observations on Kettlebell Training

For whom the (kettle) Bell tolls:
  • Don't be deceived by their cute, round, Mickey Mouse-like appearance. It's a cannonball with a handle.
  • The words: "Snap," "Jerk," and "Clean" take on entirely new meanings. And "Get Ups" do not refer to your clever outfit.
  • If you can lunge with a kettlebell and talk at the same time, Laurel is going to give you a heavier one.
  • Bruising will not garner sympathy.
  • One can't appear "lady-like" while swinging a kettlebell.
  • Just when you thought you'd never use Lamaze breathing techniques again (or ever)...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I haven't blogged in a while. Probably because like Elise stated "its hump month". I've been trying to search deep inside for the motivation that was there last month but its a bit hard to find. Between traveling out of town and being so busy with work that I barely have time to eat, let alone go online and track my meals, it's been difficult to keep up the momentum of month 1.

Yesterday's Boot Camp was extremely difficult. There were many times when I felt I couldn't finish. My legs were giving out on me and my mind kept thinking "I'm so tired, everything hurts, I have to stop." After the 8th rep of arm swings, squats, push ups and lunges I had to run up the hill and back. My quads and calves had decided they weren't moving and my brain strongly agreed. I was about to quit but then...I saw Katy's smiling face running towards me. She gave me a high five as she passed and told me how proud of me she was for running. She was proud of me? Was she serious? I'm the one who can't even run a half mile without dying a painful death!

Each and every time I was ready to give up on myself, I saw Katy pushing me and motivating me to complete what we had started. I honestly think if she hadn't been there I would not have finished. She used kind words of encouragement to make me feel good about myself and more confident in my ability to complete our exercises...and it worked! She used harsh military like(Coach Mike)commands to motivate Elise. "What are you doing" and "get moving" were the words of encouragement Elise heard from Katy. Regardless of what it was she said, all of us worked harder because of it.

Katy is not the weakest link! She is an inspiration and a motivator. She is part of our team and I could not do it without her. Thank you Katy for keeping me going and making me want to be a better, more fit me. With your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde encouragement, you know what to say to get each of us to finish.

Today I went back for seconds(and I don't mean lunch or dinner.) We knew that today's workout would be the same as yesterday and yet I went back for more. I pushed and pushed thinking how I had to make Katy proud. I imagined her smiling face telling me to go on and I did.

We are a team and each member plays an very important role. Today I am especially grateful to have Katy as my teammate. We miss you and know that you will be back soon to make us run even when we dont want to!

Well Quest! What an Educational Experience!

For me...I have learned more during this competition about Food, exercising, etc. than I have in a lifetime! That's a shame when you think about it...where was the urgency?!

Since we know that healthy food costs more I've done some research on how to save some foods rather than throwing them out. I would like to think that's because of portion control, but its most likely due to lack of interest in good healthy foods! During this competition I have had the best intentions when going grocery shopping, but as we know the smallest deed outweighs the grandest intention! Anywayz try placing paper towels in your crisper drawer of your fridge to absorb the moisture and keep veggies and fruits crisp! In addition if celery or carrots go limp (sounds like a personal problem) then put them in ice water with a slice of potato!

When it comes to exercising I have a bad knee and in order to prevent pain this automatic defensive mechanism kicks in and I adjust my exercises accordingly! Well Tuesday when i did the adjustment my hip and groin area started hurting. I then went to my favorite site for old folks like me (don't laugh) and found a great article on Keeping your knees healthy! One of the ways is to strengthen your thighs! I will need your help with that Laurel! Go to site:
There is also a recipe archive, information on how to shop and what to look for, tips and info for subjects like diabetes, heart and even your sex drive!!! OH BOY! I will have to wait on that one until I feel comfortable enough and smile when I look in the mirror! Oh sure I can smile at my face but if my eyes roam any lower that smile is a frown turned upside down! On a positive note...I know this too shall pass and one day I WILL be comfortable again with my body!

Another tool that has been essential in this program (which I will continue to use) is
My doctor suggested this site for tracking my calories, weight, fitness, etc. You can download it to your phone, get tips, recipes, reports for your daily food and what you need to eat more of or less of, etc. Sites like these with online calculators are a life saver! What I do is enter my own foods that way I know the calories per container or weight will be correct, instead of trusting what someone else had entered, and simply add it to my favorites.

Now the Internet and books are great resources and very educational for living a healthy lifestyle, but one thing that I cant learn from any other source but pure strong heartfelt desire is PORTION CONTROL! Oh sure I can lie to myself, and say "I am going to eat extra food but its healthy so no harm no foul!" NOPE! WON'T WORK! NOT if I'm trying to get the scale to go down faster! Even though its within the calories one thing I've learned about me and my lifetime of bad habits is every time I eat doesn't mean i have to feel FULL! I want to push myself away from the table when I have eaten my portion, even if I'm not full! Then I can wait and eat a snack later. I have the three meals down its getting to 5 then 6 a day which is what my doctor recommends! Well people that's my current struggle and on a positive note I WILL GET THERE AND HAVE THE HEALTHY BODY I DESIRE!

Till next time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday Workout!

I missed Friday workout! Friday is one of my favorite days because I know that I wont have boot camp until Monday, and I actually don't like the long stretch till Monday! Who would have thought???? I'm missing working out and being tortured???? HA!

I did go to the gym on Saturday but its not the same with machines as it is at Boot Camps to go! It's more strenuous and I feel my body hurt less at the gym than when I work out at BCTG! So keep up the good work Laurel and Mike...cant wait to see you today!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pep (?) Talk

First, congratulations, Katy, for winning 1st place in her age group in the 10K she ran this Saturday!

We're entering Month 2 of our 90-Day WellQuest Challenge, and I see it as kind of a Hump Day. We're smack dab in the middle; the "newness" of Month 1 has worn off, and we don't have the "FInish Line" of Month 3 looming in the horizon. Therefore, we need to work extra hard at encouraging each other to stick to our commitment.

As we've all witnessed changes in our bodies (looking & feeling better), it's easy to think we can slack off a bit. The little devil on our kettlebell-bruised shoulder might be whispering, "It's OK to skip one workout, look how much you've already accomplished." Or, "It's your Dad's birthday, you deserve that piece of cake."

Our families may be a bit tired of our disruptive training schedule or accommodating our new diets. I know that reading ingredients (yawn) and measuring food portions has become really tedious. And I'm not as excited about Fridays knowing the day isn't over until after Boot Camp.

But, do we really want to look Laurel and Mike in the eye when we're applauding the contest winners instead of standing on that stage?

Gee, for a pep talk, I'm certainly lacking in the exclamation points. (Sorry, I never made the cheerleading squad). So, here we go:
  • Give me a "G," give me a "T," give me an "O," give me a "K," give me an "O"! Go GTO KOs!!!!
  • Sundresses, Bathing Suits, and tank tops, oh my!!
  • and Ricky Bobby's motto: "If you're not first, you're last."

Go Team!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh! Nay Nay!

Some of my favorite quotes from comedian John Pinette on diet and exercise:

  • Since February, I've hired a trainer. I've had many since then. Some quit...some turn to drugs and alcohol.
  • The trainer says to me, "You know, you're tired now. You're a little sore from working out. But, once you start you get addicted." I don't think so. I think I can quit this gym stuff any time I want. I got a lot of willpower. You're never going to find me in the exercise wing of Betty Ford...I can't stop.
  • Then he says to me, "Give me a sit-up." I said, Oh, nay nay. I don't do ups. Ups defy gravity. Gravity is a law. I obey the law.
  • When you go off the no-carb diet, you lose your mind. I went off a no-carb diet; a girl scout came to the door. She had cookies. I said, "Oooh, I think you're going to win the trip to Washington this year."
  • The nutritionist asked, "Are you a vegetarian?" Well, not in the strictest sense. I don't eat veal, but he grows up.
  • One nutritionist said to me, "The good news is, you can have all the salad you want." Whew, that is good news. I was nervous. I came in here thinking, please God, anything, but don't take away my salad. I can have all the mixed greens I want? Stop I'm getting excited. She wanted me to have salad as the food. No. Salad's not food...salad comes with the food. Salad is a promissory note that food will soon arrive. If my brain sees a salad it says, "Something good is going to happen soon, wait right here."

Check out John Pinnette at

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You know "Yesterday" by the Beatles! All my troubles seemed so far it looks as though their here to stay! All I can say is yesterday was rough!

When I saw Laurel showing Elise and Katy how to drag the towel while holding their body up on their first thought was "OK Laurel is not making this look too easy...I know my girls are going to be hurting!!!" Then she came over to me with a ball that was flat on one side. She flips the ball over and I held myself up with my forearms on the flat side while turning the ball in circular motions!!! MAN! I was sweating like a pig!!! Then she says turn it SLOWLY! OMG! I thought I would never finish 2 and had to do 5 per rep!

Then to add insult to injury during our time of torture she is actually clicking pictures and taking videos in order to post them right here on our BLOG!!! As if this whole process has not been humiliating enough! Now the whole world gets to see us at our worst! All I could hear was grunting from myself, Elise and Katy!

I think out of all the days yesterday was one of the most fierce and rough days! I believe it was the combination of exercises!

Speaking of the Beatles "Its been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog! Its been a hard days night...I should be sleeping like a log!!!" I found myself having muscle spasms in the middle of the night! I did what any normal person would up...started walking and cursing Laurel under my breath!

We got our body fat percentage taken yesterday by Laurel! Who ever invented that pinching tool! I thought we were in the horror movie SAW V - CUT OFF THE FAT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!! However I am anxious to see the results! Johanna has that to look forward to when she returns! Vegas is a scary place! They want your gambling money so FOOD is CHEAP! All you can eat buffets for $4.95!!! What happens in Vegas...I got faith in you though JO!

Lucky us because tonight we get Mike! Maybe if I click my heels three times I can be at home like the Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R. "

Until next time my peeps!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Men Can't Jump (and Neither Can Elise)

Nothing like a daily dose of humiliation to keep one's ego in check. BCTG is certainly building my strength, but it has proven to be showcase for my lack of balance, grace, and coordination...

and wardrobe malfunctions.

Yeah, yesterday, Hope forgot her sneakers. When I saw her walk in in her gym clothes and work shoes, I burst into laughter (or as I now call it, "abs warm-up"). Oh, but karma came back with the quickness. Just minutes later, I was forced to run around the parking lot strapped to some horrific metal contraption that's weighted down. They call it The Sled (as in a dog sled...but YOU are the dog). The sight of me awkwardly maneuvering the beast, red faced and panting, was disturbing enough. To add insult to injury, I happened to be wearing a pair of sweat pants whose drawstring is in a permanent knot and cannot be adjusted. So, each time I moved forward my pants slipped down, exposing the top of my thong for all to see. And no, I didn't have the foresight to wear cute undergarments. I would have traded places with Janet Jackson at the Superbowl in a heartbeat.

This may be Boot Camp, but while one might imagine themselves as a soldier on a mission, there is no way I can attempt to look brave or stoic while pulling myself across the floor by my forearms, dragging a towel with my feet. Nor would I pass as the Bride in Kill Bill (in the hospital scene where she can't use her legs). At best: an injured caterpillar groping her way to safety.

As for jumping...apparently I couldn't jump to my death and land on two feet. One of our circuit exercises tonight was 15 reps of jump-ups onto a set of mats about 16 inches high. Laurel kept telling me to land on both feet and Katy encouraged me to lift my knees, but all I could manage was some sort of "Extreme Square Dance" with the mats. The harder I tried (with little mini-jumps on the floor) the more comedic it became, as it threw Katy completely off our reps. (Picture a drunken, jumping, polka see-saw.) It took 5 rounds of the circuit before I could actually hit the mats with both feet (and at that point I'm sure Katy was ready to jump off my body instead of the mats).

However, I should add that BCTG allows you to make a complete ass of yourself without feeling like one. Unlike other gyms where you can mind yourself with mirrors and check out what everyone else is doing, the BCTG routine keeps you focused on yourself. Not only is everyone pushing themselves, you simply don't have a moment to gaze around and compare yourself to others. You're not there to "work out pretty," and you won't be intimidated by the clients...just the trainers.

Speaking of which...BCTG's owner (and our trainer) Laurel Blackburn was selected as Tallahassee's 25 Women You Need To Know 2010 and an article featuring her can be seen here:

And to my KO's:
  • Katy, you are NOT the weakest link! I appreciate your energy and encouragement. It's hard to keep up with a 20-something, and I love how you push me.
  • Hope: You inspire me by putting 100% into this challenge in spite of bad knee, illness, etc. You help me keep the negative wimpy thoughts away.
  • Jo: We miss you and know how impossible it is to keep up with the fitness quest while on the road. Just do what you can...the GTO KO's and BCTG will be here for you when you return. If you can't exercise in Vegas, at least do some decent shopping! :)

Can I Blame My Lack of Posting on My Dedication to Exercise??

Ok, so it’s been ages since I’ve actually sat down to post. I will apologize to our thousands of loyal fan readers who I know wait with baited breath for each new post.

I wanted to do a theme for this blog, as that seems to be our trend. However, as I have just turned 24 and am now an old woman, my brain gets scattered and I know I will end up just rambling. So, here are some random thoughts from the past few weeks:

I have to admit I’ve been starting to feel discouraged and unmotivated- it’s hard when everyone is telling you that they don’t know why you’re even in this competition, you don’t need to lose any weight, etc.

However, I recently did a 6k “fun run” (oxymoron if there ever was one), and placed 3rd for the women! It was such a feeling of accomplishment, especially since it had been ages since I’d really run and pushed myself. My legs are just so much stronger than they’ve been, and I know it’s because of all our kettlebell training and boot camps! And it was just the energizing thing I needed. It felt good to see a measurable difference and to really say, THIS is at least part of why I am doing this competition!

My GTO KO ladies also came through for me, fitness-wise. For my birthday (did I mention I am now an old woman yet?) I got training gloves, magazines on women’s running and fitness, as well as a bunch of cooking supplies and cookbooks for HEALTHY eating! With Elise’s total aversion to running, I know how hard it must have been to be seen buying *gasp* running magazines! I guess I’ll just have to start making dinners (no carrots, I promise) for her to take home as a “thank you!” On top of that, I also got running clothes from another special someone. And it felt great, knowing that I do have the support to keep this competition going, to prove to everyone that there is a contribution I can make to this team.

I won’t let you down ladies! I know I am the “weak link” for our success, and I will work my rear end off (oh that would be so nice!) to make sure I am the strongest link I can possibly be!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Play on Words

Have you ever noticed how words can make or break your day? CAUTION! The tongue is a powerful weapon!

The disambiguation of joker is to grab YOUR kettle bell and do overhead arm lifts! How man jokers (and hearts) did they have in that deck? And when did the Kettle Bell become OUR possession? Your is our without the Y!

Then there are words that cause that proverbial cringe! Now the next set I want you to HOLD IT....HOLD IT! Push ups and suicides! Did I forget to mention up a hill?

Whispered words! You can hear loudly those whispered words of CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!! I know you've heard your parents say Good Whispers and Evil Shouts! Is that why you cry out when exercising? Its just down right evil!

Concerned Words!! The scale is not your friend! Are you ok? We want you to be able to walk afterwards! No pain No gain! Lets redefine pain and gain! Panic Attack Inside Nerves! Gee Am I Nuts????

Loving words! Massage...inspiration....Ice pack! I love your determination! Don't worry you will be able to get up and down faster!

Hunger words! Buffet...Fat! But I don't want to pick up a heavier Kettle Bell! I want freakin FOOD!

And you thought BCTG stood for Boot Camps To Go! More like Brutal Camps to go! Thanks Laurel and Mike! You two rock!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Hard to Love a Carrot

This week, Laurel was kind (?) enough to email us about tracking ingredients instead of calories. Basically, you'll eat better if the foods you consume have 5 ingredients or less.

Imagine my dismay upon learning that Healthy Choice frozen dinners are not healthy! Wait, doesn't mental health count? My brain is comforted by meals that can be prepared in 5 minutes. (Hmm, maybe if I could download that microwave "bing" to my alarm, I wouldn't need the snooze button).

I am not a Foodie, meaning I do not like to prepare meals, don't care about "gourmet," and won't order a dinner I can't pronounce. I get anxiety attacks in grocery stores. Seriously, my friend Ann witnessed my breakdown when trying to select ketchup from an overwhelming display of choices.

This is how food-stupid I am: my brother was doing BBQ, and I asked everyone how they wanted their chicken done. (My brother chided that "done" is the key word with chicken.) I once tried to make hamburgers on the stove and added so much pepper that it drove my entire family, choking and crying, out of the house and set off the smoke alarm. There's a video of when we purchased our house, and Ann opens the oven and says, "Look...extra cabinet space for Elise."

I'm all about food that can be eaten right out of the package. Open, heat, serve. Better yet (as in gouda cheese): open and serve with crackers.

Today, I actually opened a cookbook to see if I could prepare a meal with real--not processed--ingredients. My daughter was horrified by the dust that littered the table every time I turned a page. (Yes, friends and family, I haven't touched those cookbooks since you gave them to me as wedding presents almost 19 years ago). It was depressing. Everything that looked good was "bad"; and everything that disgusted me was "good."

I'm on a quest to find foods I can eat that don't involve the kitchen.

Therefore I eat a lot of carrots.

I'm sure there is some type of "Eat Healthy Tasty Foods Without Cooking" website out there. But I have a feeling it will involve carrots.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Team Luv

This evening, I really, really did not want to go to Boot Camp. It was one of those weeks when all I wanted was a Friday night "slugfest," as in being a slug: no mental activity and minimizing movement to slinking from computer to couch to bed.

Didn't help that all the GTO KO's could not be there tonight (Hope's sick and Jo was required to work overtime). Although Katy had many reasons to opt out (it's her birthday weekend and company is arriving this evening), she committed to show. Therefore, I could not invent an excuse for taking the night off. Damn that Katy!

Of course, it was one of those BCTG evenings where the workout was not posted on the wall. (What's worse...knowing your torture or it being a surprise?) I saw a line of cones in the parking lot—each with a little draw-erase board face-down alongside them—and my stomach sank with dread. Basically, it was a "suicide" run between cones with certain exercises required at each cone (lunges, burpees, jump squats, skates, bicycles, push-ups, etc.) Each turn, you had to go to a cone, complete the exercise and return to the finish line (kettlebell swings) and then advance to the next cone. The kicker was that on the way up and down the line, you had to return to all previous cones and complete those exercises again (and again and again).

At the second return to the burpees, both my body and mind were screaming "you will not be able to complete this course!" I was mentally and physically exhausted and desperately trying to concoct reasons that Mike should give me alternate exercises. But every time I looked up, Katy was a cone ahead. Although she's a brand-new 24 year-old (Happy Birthday Katy) she had more reasons than I not to be there...but, there she was with her perky little 20-something body chiding my 40-something slug ass to MOVE. As she cheered me on to finish the course when it was announced "one minute left," I could picture Jo yelling, "You can do it, girl" and Hope's smile of encouragement.

I finished in time and all the hell-pinch-butt exercises that followed. But only because of my team. If I were doing this alone, it would be so easy to skip or cheat myself out of a full workout.

Thank you GTO KO's for keeping me motivated and committed, whether you're there in body or in spirit. You keep me committed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Murph that Morphs Us

This cold, rainy evening, I ran for the cover of the BCTG warehouse looking forward to a workout that would take the chill from my bones. Anything to escape the bitter reminder that Spring is not nearby.

One never knows what's in store at Boot Camps To Go. Oh, sure, sometimes they post the evening's workout on the wall. Though to comprehend the pain looming in the 45-minute horizon, one would have to be well-versed in the BCTG lingo. Spider-Man push-ups, Burpees, Y squats (indeed, why squat?), and tonight's Murph.

Murph? I have no clue what Murph stands for; my only guess is Man U R (in) Physical Hell.

As I perused the Murph lists (there were two), I panicked and desperately searched the wall for Murph 3...something 3...anything but what I saw before me. Because Murph involves running, as in outdoors—and on this particular evening, in the cold rain.

Once convinced that Mike and Laurel weren't joking, I opted for Murph 2: run 1/2 mile, 150 squats, 100 pushups, 50 pull-ups, and run another 1/2 mile.

Note: Murph 1 *doubled* the aforementioned. Shout out to Katy Z for tackling Murph 1!

As I ran/hobbled/grunted/panted in the rain, eyes watering from the cold, snot dripping down my face (a humiliation viewed by the drivers on Capital Circle), one thought kept me going: We are morphing.

I can see how Jo, Katy, and Hope's bodies are already showing the rewards of our WellQuest Challenge in just 2.5 weeks. They claim to see changes in mine. It's funny how these changes aren't as obvious to ourselves when we look in the mirror. Self-image can be a nasty demon—it may take a crucifix, a dark stairway and some split pea soup to exorcise. But, we CAN change our bodies. Just know that we will only do so within the confines of our genetic make-up.

By that I mean, we can improve our figures, but don't set unrealistic goals. For instance, my rear end is one of my most hated features. I can't diet my way to a firm ass, though a combination of exercise and diet will get me there. But, if I want a butt that looks like Pink's...I better call a plastic surgeon. I'm never going to have that junk in my trunk; it's physically impossible.

So, ladies, as we challenge ourselves and support one another, remember that we can't hold ourselves up to Photoshopped celebrities who have personal chefs, daily physical trainers, and strict managers. We are murphing and morphing into better versions of ourselves.

State of Mind

WOW! It's hump day and we are in our third week! I'm actually feeling like I want the time to slow down! Could it be I'm enjoying this adventure? It's funny how at first I was scared to death of boot camp and now I can't wait to go through the pain!

Last night we played BCTG baseball without a bat or ball! From Home plate to First, Second, Third and back to home while exercising! We were teams of 30+ and yes -29!!! Those youngsters gave us a run for our money! First game we lost by four, second game by two!
Some how I didn't feel like a loser though! With each day that we complete is one more day closer to our goals! I guess it's all a state of mind!

When I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed the top of my stomach was sinking and there was definition! Now Houston we have a problem...because the bottom half is not keeping up! WTH!?!?! I'm sure Laurel will find a solution and crack down on that half of the dome! Again it's all a state of mind! Speaking of states...kind of looks like Texas...flat at the top and the bottom spreads for miles!

We missed our partner in crime last night! Katy went to Urban Assault Downtown with Mikey! She was with us in spirit though!

I am looking forward to my massage this Saturday! I've heard great revues and can't wait to experience what my team mates have!

Keep the faith everyone (including our competitors!) and remember state of mind is merely a term meaning mood or outlook. I feel the physical training has definitely improved my mood, at least I'm not as cranky as I was in the beginning!

Now the outlook or end result is again just a temporary psychological state! Even though I wish the end result were here...It does make me think...what would motivate me for tomorrow??? I know! CQI of course!!! Continuous Quality Improvement! Let's face it, a quality state of mind is infinity!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Awesome is the word of the day. Its how I feel and hopefully how I look. After a rough week 2 where insecurities crept into our thoughts we all feel great. We have started to notice differences in how we look and fit in our clothes (cant quite get the nerve to analyze myself naked yet). Some of us fit into clothes that had been banished into the depths of our closets, others can see their long lost toes or just feel healthier overall.

It's amazing to realize how crummy I used to feel now that I feel great! My energy is up along with my new found confidence. I notice that my head is held a little bit higher as I walk through the halls at work and there's definitely a pep in my step to reflect my attitude. That's not to say that we aren't sore as heck or that we don't groan when coach Laurel says "...and that just the warm up." BCTG is demanding and challenging every time but its incredible to see our progress in strength, form and endurance. I can finally do "swings" without looking angry, tense and undoubtedly foolish.

This is a wonderful experience. I can see the transformation in my own body, mind and lifestyle along with that of 3 spectacular women. I could not do this without my trainers and my teammates to support, encourage and police me. Thank you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 3 is off to a good start. I think.

I'm in AA in Abs and Ass. They're very angry with me this evening. I have to remind them that they kept me out of a bikini last summer, therefore they must pay.

Actually, BCTG is great cure for menstrual cramps. Nothing like a few rounds of kettlebell rows and diamond push-ups to make one forget all about their uterus.

Doubt they'll include that in a marketing campaign. :)

I'm really enjoying BCTG. Oh, it's tough...really tough, but I love (wait, did I say "love"?) how they mix everything up. Sure, every synonym for "pain" and "agony" applies, but nary a one for "boring." It's the most fun I've had being tortured!

Que music: The Inquisition, what a show! The Inquisition, here we go.

On the other hand, I'm not liking the diet part. It's not too hard to cut back on servings, but it has been a struggle to change *what* I eat. Now, to that I can apply: "boring," "tedious," and "dull." I'm just a big blob of processed food trying to discover healthy alternatives that I'll want to consume. And it doesn't help that I have a phobia of grocery stores and the kitchen. (I'll save that trauma for another post). However, under Laurel's guidance I am learning a lot. Yet, it's like taking calculus, when all I know how to do is count with my fingers.

My husband said that the number one reason he's happy I entered this competition is that I'll learn to eat healthier. "If I ate like you have all these years, I'd be dead right now."

Um, I think that's encouragement?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woo hoo!

This morning, I was able to slip on a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in months! And I'm not muffin-toppin"!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What the word Team means to me!

What an inspiration the GTO KO's team is! I feel we are all soldiers fighting a common battle...the battle of continuously improving our bodies spiritually, mentally and physically.

We are a team because we are a cooperative unit! We are there for each other when the times get rough never judging, fussing or considering anyone the weakest link!

We are a team because we have the same initiative when:
1. We are in a compromising position and we are eating something a little too close to our scheduled workout time! We just keep on working out like nothing happened! Yes you guessed was like a bomb going off!!!!
2. We are stinking up the offices and have the hallways smelling like ICY HOT during work hours!
3. We have collectively dusted off and brought our heating pads and cold packs to work when we can't get up to walk to the copy machine, we gladly parade around for one another with our legs stiff and open, looking like we are in a heavy-weight-lifting-competition!
4. We are very close when we work order to harmonize when we grunt!

We are a team because we concur on everything including:
5. We could be described as the original A TEAM when we are accused of committing the crime of incorrectly executing the assigned exercise!
6. We can appreciate the skinny people (while accidentally tripping them) when they look like the Bionic Woman or Man and captivating each exercise with ease!!!!

We are a team because we are a collection of the best talent anywhere when:
7. Our trainers look at us shaking their heads and asking "What are you doing?"
8. Our hair is flying all over our red sweaty faces and our tight fitting gym clothes (that we refuse to purchase in a larger size) rides up over our bellies showing the HOUSTON DOME!
9. We loathe having to waste our time and perform exercises back to back that calls for the first part to begin on the floor, while struggling to get up before its over to execute the second part of the exercise in a standing position!!!
10. We adore looking in the bathroom mirror and realizing there is more to see of this metaphoric body down by the ankles!!!

On a real note...I wouldn't trade this experience or my team for anything in the world! You rock GTO KO's!!!!!

Diet is a four letter word.

Learning how to eat healthy (after a lifetime of eating--and loving--high fat foods) is like teaching a redneck to speak Mandarin Chinese. No common ground and much gets lost in translation.

Forgive my bitterness, but after spending 42 years in Denial I am now fully centered in the 2nd stage of Grief: Anger. Damn it, I want to eat without thinking! Yes, I want fries with that! Supersize me!

Healthy Translation: I want to be overweight and clog my arteries.

Yeah, I know, I know: "substitute carrot sticks for potato chips," "skip the dessert and opt for a bowl of fresh fruit," "it's all about portion control." Suddenly, I'm in the world of the Have's and Have Not's. As in, you can have *this* food, but of *that* one, have not. (WARNING: this is a bit crude, but I don't think children are reading) suddenly, I can relate to men's complaints about condoms, "It's just doesn't feel as good."

Food certainly doesn't taste as good. Protein bars = sweetened sawdust. A sandwich without mayonnaise is as dry as the Sahara. A chip sans dip is like Thelma without Louise.

I know, I need to embrace the healthy lifestyle (ie: micromanagement of nutrients). The exercise part is easy (well, easier) to do because there's the immediate physical euphoria when you're finished. Kind of like a reverse hangover; you're in unbelievable pain for an hour and then you feel really good for awhile. But, the dieting is excruciating because not only does it involve eating out of your comfort zone, you have to analyze every single item for serving size, calories, fat, carbs, and protein. It's's math! And I always sucked at math.

It is far easier to control one's diet in a "routine" environment. I just got back from a business trip and working in the exercise wasn't that difficult, nor was planning for breakfast, lunch and snacks. But, dinner? Ha! Ever notice how the $$$$'s don't offer "light" or "heart healthy" menu options? Even the salads were 4-course meals on a plate. I just gave up and ordered a half portion of what I wanted to eat, and then only ate half of that and trashed the rest. Even though I limited myself to just a sample of Heaven, I'm sure my sacrifice still jumped my cals, fat, and carbs beyond my daily limit. Argh!

Thankfully, I entered this competition as part of a team. Because, without them, I would probably lose my resolve to be committed to a healthier lifestyle. If it weren't for the KO's checking in on one another, texts of encouragement, phone calls of commiseration; and our trainer's stern guidance and daily support, I'd be knee deep in Gouda cheese right now. I hope to zoom through stages 3 & 4 (Bargaining and Depression) right to Acceptance.

But for now, all I can say is Diet is "Die With a T."

Thursday, February 18, 2010


That was my mantra during last night’s boot camp. And what I kept yelling at Johanna as we did lunges with kettle bells across the parking lot. And to the poor girl doing them as well that probably thought I was nuts. Not even sure I realized I was yelling it out loud (yes, yelling!). And let me tell you, this morning it is NOT happy with me. “Just WHAT do you think you’re doing to me? Do not do all this pain in my name!” (Yes, my behind can talk- it’s got enough mass back there!)

Nearing the end of week 2. It’s been a tough battle these past few days, with being out of town over the weekend for work and not being around my inspiring ladies! I may have fallen off the proverbial fitness wagon, but last night’s workout really put me back on track and seriously made me regret my lackadaisical ways over the weekend!

This week we also got some feedback on what we’ve been eating, and I know we are all a little sheepish about our food logs. And by sheepish I mean I was practically apologizing before I even sent it in. It took every ounce of power in my body to make my finger hit “send” on the e-mail to her. After all, who willingly subjects themselves to certain pain? Oh, wait…

Laurel did make sure to get on each of us about what/how much we’re eating. However, the criticism (constructive!) was followed up by helpful tips on what we can do to change/fix our mistakes. I tell you what, there’s a long grocery list ahead of me. My poor freezer is probably not prepped for this. Maybe WellQuest will buy us all deep freezes….

And now, to finish this rambling entry! I have decided to make a pledge in the spirit of better eating (I’ll get to the exercise one later…baby steps after all!). And here it is!

My pledge:

“I, Katy Zamesnik, do solemnly swear that I WILL eat my required number of calories. I WILL stop eating processed ready-to-eat meals and snacks. I WILL eat more fruits and veggies. I WILL stop complaining about our dietary guidelines and just follow them.”

After all, we are in a competition, we are in a competition, we are in a COMPETITION! Maybe this will be my new mantra, if only to give my poor rear end a break from the blame!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick and Tired

In order for change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger!
Tired of trying diet after diet only to be submissive to failure!
Sick of not being able to buy the cute clothes and having to settle for the sacks they sell for overweight people!
Tired of not being able to bend over and tie my shoes comfortably!
Sick of seeing skinny women and wondering: what would that size feel like?!?!
Tired of not being approached by an interested person!
Sick of myself telling fat jokes to feel like I belong!
Tired of getting passed up for a promotion to a skinny individual who is less qualified!
Sick of writing for now because this too shall pass....

Second week of boot camp and still waiting for the day that I can wake up and not feel pain! Kettle Bells are the bomba! ;-)