Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Awesome is the word of the day. Its how I feel and hopefully how I look. After a rough week 2 where insecurities crept into our thoughts we all feel great. We have started to notice differences in how we look and fit in our clothes (cant quite get the nerve to analyze myself naked yet). Some of us fit into clothes that had been banished into the depths of our closets, others can see their long lost toes or just feel healthier overall.

It's amazing to realize how crummy I used to feel now that I feel great! My energy is up along with my new found confidence. I notice that my head is held a little bit higher as I walk through the halls at work and there's definitely a pep in my step to reflect my attitude. That's not to say that we aren't sore as heck or that we don't groan when coach Laurel says "...and that just the warm up." BCTG is demanding and challenging every time but its incredible to see our progress in strength, form and endurance. I can finally do "swings" without looking angry, tense and undoubtedly foolish.

This is a wonderful experience. I can see the transformation in my own body, mind and lifestyle along with that of 3 spectacular women. I could not do this without my trainers and my teammates to support, encourage and police me. Thank you!