Wednesday, February 24, 2010

State of Mind

WOW! It's hump day and we are in our third week! I'm actually feeling like I want the time to slow down! Could it be I'm enjoying this adventure? It's funny how at first I was scared to death of boot camp and now I can't wait to go through the pain!

Last night we played BCTG baseball without a bat or ball! From Home plate to First, Second, Third and back to home while exercising! We were teams of 30+ and yes -29!!! Those youngsters gave us a run for our money! First game we lost by four, second game by two!
Some how I didn't feel like a loser though! With each day that we complete is one more day closer to our goals! I guess it's all a state of mind!

When I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed the top of my stomach was sinking and there was definition! Now Houston we have a problem...because the bottom half is not keeping up! WTH!?!?! I'm sure Laurel will find a solution and crack down on that half of the dome! Again it's all a state of mind! Speaking of states...kind of looks like Texas...flat at the top and the bottom spreads for miles!

We missed our partner in crime last night! Katy went to Urban Assault Downtown with Mikey! She was with us in spirit though!

I am looking forward to my massage this Saturday! I've heard great revues and can't wait to experience what my team mates have!

Keep the faith everyone (including our competitors!) and remember state of mind is merely a term meaning mood or outlook. I feel the physical training has definitely improved my mood, at least I'm not as cranky as I was in the beginning!

Now the outlook or end result is again just a temporary psychological state! Even though I wish the end result were here...It does make me think...what would motivate me for tomorrow??? I know! CQI of course!!! Continuous Quality Improvement! Let's face it, a quality state of mind is infinity!

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