Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's rare that you see a team of four females in a biggest loser contest with a combination of weight loss goals that equals 126 lbs! Extraordinarily rare when two of the women are trying to lose 5 to 15 lbs!

Even more rare when this team of women are very supportive of each other and are proud to be the first time recipients of this exciting event in Tallahassee! You see this contest isn't just about losing weight! It's about an overall healthier existence! Pushing yourself where you have never dared to go before and attaining what you have never achieved! Swearing under your breath every time you merely move your arm or take your next step! Wanting to say no, but something inside you won't allow you to stop! Waiting to feel normal, but you realize the pain is here to stay because you're not a quitter! I know I struggle the most out of the four of us, but when I see the determined look on their faces it pushes me even harder!

Those joyful tears from every new extreme venture! Sometimes I believe we are all a little insane to look forward to this torture!!! We can't wait to meet at BOOT CAMPS TO GO!!! We can't wait to see what torture they have waiting for us this time! Yes we are insanely dedicated and that's what makes us winners!

We LOVE to hear them tell us don't drink alcohol while you are in this competition...get a heavier kettle are a bunch of cry babies!!!! But hey we are some tough girls that require tough training! We are a rare bread and I am very proud to be a part of something so special!

Lookout Tallahassee the rewards will also be rare!!! Until next time...get your rare taste of Katy, Johanna and Elise right here! If I haven't told my team members lately I am telling you now...I am extremely proud of you and you are such rare women!!!! I am blessed to be a part of this!

Rare is a Rigorous And Rewarding Experience!

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  1. Hope, you are an amazing inspiration to our team. While your road may be a bit rockier, you've already accomplished so much over the past year. Your commitment is keeping me committed.