Thursday, February 11, 2010

Support Group

Supportive quotes of week 1:

Passing a giant billboard of a juicy burger and fries for Five Guys Burgers...
Mike: "Now, thats where we need to eat lunch!"
Jo: "Really Mike...I cant do this on my own, I need your support or I will fail"
Mike: "In that case I will be eating Five Guys for lunch"

Mike: "How do steaks sound for dinner tomorrow night?"
Jo: "Sounds good"
Mike: "We can cut up that meat in the freezer and make three GIANT ASS ribeyes!"
Jo: "Really Mike, think about what I'm trying to do and what you just said"
Mike: "You think about what I just said and what I'm trying to do. So what we just give up meat then?"

Later Thursday
Jo: Dang, I still have 700 Calories I should eat today."
Mike: "If I were you, I'd drink them."
Jo: "I don't know if I should laugh or smack you."
Mike: "You should have a beer and think it over."

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