Friday, February 19, 2010

What the word Team means to me!

What an inspiration the GTO KO's team is! I feel we are all soldiers fighting a common battle...the battle of continuously improving our bodies spiritually, mentally and physically.

We are a team because we are a cooperative unit! We are there for each other when the times get rough never judging, fussing or considering anyone the weakest link!

We are a team because we have the same initiative when:
1. We are in a compromising position and we are eating something a little too close to our scheduled workout time! We just keep on working out like nothing happened! Yes you guessed was like a bomb going off!!!!
2. We are stinking up the offices and have the hallways smelling like ICY HOT during work hours!
3. We have collectively dusted off and brought our heating pads and cold packs to work when we can't get up to walk to the copy machine, we gladly parade around for one another with our legs stiff and open, looking like we are in a heavy-weight-lifting-competition!
4. We are very close when we work order to harmonize when we grunt!

We are a team because we concur on everything including:
5. We could be described as the original A TEAM when we are accused of committing the crime of incorrectly executing the assigned exercise!
6. We can appreciate the skinny people (while accidentally tripping them) when they look like the Bionic Woman or Man and captivating each exercise with ease!!!!

We are a team because we are a collection of the best talent anywhere when:
7. Our trainers look at us shaking their heads and asking "What are you doing?"
8. Our hair is flying all over our red sweaty faces and our tight fitting gym clothes (that we refuse to purchase in a larger size) rides up over our bellies showing the HOUSTON DOME!
9. We loathe having to waste our time and perform exercises back to back that calls for the first part to begin on the floor, while struggling to get up before its over to execute the second part of the exercise in a standing position!!!
10. We adore looking in the bathroom mirror and realizing there is more to see of this metaphoric body down by the ankles!!!

On a real note...I wouldn't trade this experience or my team for anything in the world! You rock GTO KO's!!!!!

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