Friday, February 26, 2010

Team Luv

This evening, I really, really did not want to go to Boot Camp. It was one of those weeks when all I wanted was a Friday night "slugfest," as in being a slug: no mental activity and minimizing movement to slinking from computer to couch to bed.

Didn't help that all the GTO KO's could not be there tonight (Hope's sick and Jo was required to work overtime). Although Katy had many reasons to opt out (it's her birthday weekend and company is arriving this evening), she committed to show. Therefore, I could not invent an excuse for taking the night off. Damn that Katy!

Of course, it was one of those BCTG evenings where the workout was not posted on the wall. (What's worse...knowing your torture or it being a surprise?) I saw a line of cones in the parking lot—each with a little draw-erase board face-down alongside them—and my stomach sank with dread. Basically, it was a "suicide" run between cones with certain exercises required at each cone (lunges, burpees, jump squats, skates, bicycles, push-ups, etc.) Each turn, you had to go to a cone, complete the exercise and return to the finish line (kettlebell swings) and then advance to the next cone. The kicker was that on the way up and down the line, you had to return to all previous cones and complete those exercises again (and again and again).

At the second return to the burpees, both my body and mind were screaming "you will not be able to complete this course!" I was mentally and physically exhausted and desperately trying to concoct reasons that Mike should give me alternate exercises. But every time I looked up, Katy was a cone ahead. Although she's a brand-new 24 year-old (Happy Birthday Katy) she had more reasons than I not to be there...but, there she was with her perky little 20-something body chiding my 40-something slug ass to MOVE. As she cheered me on to finish the course when it was announced "one minute left," I could picture Jo yelling, "You can do it, girl" and Hope's smile of encouragement.

I finished in time and all the hell-pinch-butt exercises that followed. But only because of my team. If I were doing this alone, it would be so easy to skip or cheat myself out of a full workout.

Thank you GTO KO's for keeping me motivated and committed, whether you're there in body or in spirit. You keep me committed.

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  1. You're doing a great job, Elise! I am so amazed with you! Keep it up!!!