Thursday, February 11, 2010

Husband/Significant Other Code of Conduct

1. Don't Offer Temptations
Believe me, we can do this all on our own. If you want to go out for dinner, please pick a restaurant where we can exercise some healthy choices and portion control. (Note to my husband: The Melting Pot offers neither). *You* don't have to diet...but we need options to win this competition.

2. When Temptations Lurk
Words of encouragement are appreciated...
a) "I'm proud of your determination."
b) "I can't believe you skipped the gouda, you kick ass."
c) "I'm taking you to Tiffany's to buy a diamond necklace to go with your new bathing suit."

3. When We Cave into Temptation
Don't bother to criticize/point out our set-backs. Our trainer will do that for you...not to mention we'll wallow in self-loathing. Be forewarned: if you happen to say something like "Wow, you just ate 3 days worth of calories," your body may eventually be discovered at the bottom of Lake Ella (if the ducks don't eat you first). Be smart and refer to 2(c).

4. Reward
Getting fit is the goal, but diamonds are fat-free and last forever. See 2(c).


  1. You guys have the best blog. You all are very good writers and I love your sense of humor.

  2. We just need to generally refer all husbands to 2(c). For all women of earth.