Monday, February 15, 2010


Have you ever noticed when you are on a mission in life everything you look at or can associate to your current situation? This is a perfect example:

Gratitude unlocks the turmoils (fitness) of life (What was I thinking trying out for this torture)! It turns what we have (fat) into enough (food for thought), and more (muscle).

It turns denial into acceptance (I am fat and not just big boned!), chaos into order (stress can be lowered with exercise), and confusion into clarity (Just because it says "healthy" doesn't mean it is!). It turns problems into gifts (I am right where I need to be), failures into success (You can't JUST say to me "You have a pretty face" anymore!), the unexpected into perfect timing (It's never too late to start being fit), and mistakes into important events. (Whoever thought of the biggest Loser contest????)

At the end of our first week all I have to say is OUCH!!!!!!

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  1. Hope, you freaking ROCK!!! Actually all of you do and I am so grateful that we all ended up with each other.