Thursday, February 11, 2010

TRX = Toture Really Xtreme

Before I get started on the meat of this blog post, I want to take 2 seconds to rant about the title of this post. We were all trying to come up with names for this modern-day torture device, which was EXACTLY what it was. Imagine, after having already done pull-ups, having to then hang horizontal to the ground and dead lift your entire body. 10 times. Yeah. We didn’t even have to do that many pull ups. Torture device. Give me planks, kettlebell deadlifts, or squats any day of the week!

And now on to the rest of the post…

So last night was our first “real” Boot Camp- we got in with the class, participated in all the stations, and REALLY pushed ourselves. Going into it last night, I think we all were nervous that we would be really far behind the rest of the class. I was so impressed when we all made it through just fine! We sure grunted, sweated, and I know silently cursed our decisions to do this, but the bottom line is- WE DID IT! I’m beyond surprised that I’m even able to type any of this today, seeing as I could barely lift my arms to unlock my door last night! However, I’m so proud of all of us and can’t wait to watch the transformation that will take place in all of us and long to be at the point where we look back at how much we struggled last night and say “HA!”

On a positive note, I really enjoyed the kettlebells! I never thought I’d say that about any kind of weight lifting, but throwing these heavy metal balls into the mix with our squats and core exercises definitely added a whole new level of fitness that I think will start showing results very soon!

Today we technically have an “off” day, but I know Johanna and Hope will be attending Urban Assault downtown (go girls!) and I will be doing my cardio to keep on my exercise path for the 10k Mud Run in March!

We ARE the GTO KO’s and we WILL be knockouts!

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