Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Hard to Love a Carrot

This week, Laurel was kind (?) enough to email us about tracking ingredients instead of calories. Basically, you'll eat better if the foods you consume have 5 ingredients or less.

Imagine my dismay upon learning that Healthy Choice frozen dinners are not healthy! Wait, doesn't mental health count? My brain is comforted by meals that can be prepared in 5 minutes. (Hmm, maybe if I could download that microwave "bing" to my alarm, I wouldn't need the snooze button).

I am not a Foodie, meaning I do not like to prepare meals, don't care about "gourmet," and won't order a dinner I can't pronounce. I get anxiety attacks in grocery stores. Seriously, my friend Ann witnessed my breakdown when trying to select ketchup from an overwhelming display of choices.

This is how food-stupid I am: my brother was doing BBQ, and I asked everyone how they wanted their chicken done. (My brother chided that "done" is the key word with chicken.) I once tried to make hamburgers on the stove and added so much pepper that it drove my entire family, choking and crying, out of the house and set off the smoke alarm. There's a video of when we purchased our house, and Ann opens the oven and says, "Look...extra cabinet space for Elise."

I'm all about food that can be eaten right out of the package. Open, heat, serve. Better yet (as in gouda cheese): open and serve with crackers.

Today, I actually opened a cookbook to see if I could prepare a meal with real--not processed--ingredients. My daughter was horrified by the dust that littered the table every time I turned a page. (Yes, friends and family, I haven't touched those cookbooks since you gave them to me as wedding presents almost 19 years ago). It was depressing. Everything that looked good was "bad"; and everything that disgusted me was "good."

I'm on a quest to find foods I can eat that don't involve the kitchen.

Therefore I eat a lot of carrots.

I'm sure there is some type of "Eat Healthy Tasty Foods Without Cooking" website out there. But I have a feeling it will involve carrots.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Team Luv

This evening, I really, really did not want to go to Boot Camp. It was one of those weeks when all I wanted was a Friday night "slugfest," as in being a slug: no mental activity and minimizing movement to slinking from computer to couch to bed.

Didn't help that all the GTO KO's could not be there tonight (Hope's sick and Jo was required to work overtime). Although Katy had many reasons to opt out (it's her birthday weekend and company is arriving this evening), she committed to show. Therefore, I could not invent an excuse for taking the night off. Damn that Katy!

Of course, it was one of those BCTG evenings where the workout was not posted on the wall. (What's worse...knowing your torture or it being a surprise?) I saw a line of cones in the parking lot—each with a little draw-erase board face-down alongside them—and my stomach sank with dread. Basically, it was a "suicide" run between cones with certain exercises required at each cone (lunges, burpees, jump squats, skates, bicycles, push-ups, etc.) Each turn, you had to go to a cone, complete the exercise and return to the finish line (kettlebell swings) and then advance to the next cone. The kicker was that on the way up and down the line, you had to return to all previous cones and complete those exercises again (and again and again).

At the second return to the burpees, both my body and mind were screaming "you will not be able to complete this course!" I was mentally and physically exhausted and desperately trying to concoct reasons that Mike should give me alternate exercises. But every time I looked up, Katy was a cone ahead. Although she's a brand-new 24 year-old (Happy Birthday Katy) she had more reasons than I not to be there...but, there she was with her perky little 20-something body chiding my 40-something slug ass to MOVE. As she cheered me on to finish the course when it was announced "one minute left," I could picture Jo yelling, "You can do it, girl" and Hope's smile of encouragement.

I finished in time and all the hell-pinch-butt exercises that followed. But only because of my team. If I were doing this alone, it would be so easy to skip or cheat myself out of a full workout.

Thank you GTO KO's for keeping me motivated and committed, whether you're there in body or in spirit. You keep me committed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Murph that Morphs Us

This cold, rainy evening, I ran for the cover of the BCTG warehouse looking forward to a workout that would take the chill from my bones. Anything to escape the bitter reminder that Spring is not nearby.

One never knows what's in store at Boot Camps To Go. Oh, sure, sometimes they post the evening's workout on the wall. Though to comprehend the pain looming in the 45-minute horizon, one would have to be well-versed in the BCTG lingo. Spider-Man push-ups, Burpees, Y squats (indeed, why squat?), and tonight's Murph.

Murph? I have no clue what Murph stands for; my only guess is Man U R (in) Physical Hell.

As I perused the Murph lists (there were two), I panicked and desperately searched the wall for Murph 3...something 3...anything but what I saw before me. Because Murph involves running, as in outdoors—and on this particular evening, in the cold rain.

Once convinced that Mike and Laurel weren't joking, I opted for Murph 2: run 1/2 mile, 150 squats, 100 pushups, 50 pull-ups, and run another 1/2 mile.

Note: Murph 1 *doubled* the aforementioned. Shout out to Katy Z for tackling Murph 1!

As I ran/hobbled/grunted/panted in the rain, eyes watering from the cold, snot dripping down my face (a humiliation viewed by the drivers on Capital Circle), one thought kept me going: We are morphing.

I can see how Jo, Katy, and Hope's bodies are already showing the rewards of our WellQuest Challenge in just 2.5 weeks. They claim to see changes in mine. It's funny how these changes aren't as obvious to ourselves when we look in the mirror. Self-image can be a nasty demon—it may take a crucifix, a dark stairway and some split pea soup to exorcise. But, we CAN change our bodies. Just know that we will only do so within the confines of our genetic make-up.

By that I mean, we can improve our figures, but don't set unrealistic goals. For instance, my rear end is one of my most hated features. I can't diet my way to a firm ass, though a combination of exercise and diet will get me there. But, if I want a butt that looks like Pink's...I better call a plastic surgeon. I'm never going to have that junk in my trunk; it's physically impossible.

So, ladies, as we challenge ourselves and support one another, remember that we can't hold ourselves up to Photoshopped celebrities who have personal chefs, daily physical trainers, and strict managers. We are murphing and morphing into better versions of ourselves.

State of Mind

WOW! It's hump day and we are in our third week! I'm actually feeling like I want the time to slow down! Could it be I'm enjoying this adventure? It's funny how at first I was scared to death of boot camp and now I can't wait to go through the pain!

Last night we played BCTG baseball without a bat or ball! From Home plate to First, Second, Third and back to home while exercising! We were teams of 30+ and yes -29!!! Those youngsters gave us a run for our money! First game we lost by four, second game by two!
Some how I didn't feel like a loser though! With each day that we complete is one more day closer to our goals! I guess it's all a state of mind!

When I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed the top of my stomach was sinking and there was definition! Now Houston we have a problem...because the bottom half is not keeping up! WTH!?!?! I'm sure Laurel will find a solution and crack down on that half of the dome! Again it's all a state of mind! Speaking of states...kind of looks like Texas...flat at the top and the bottom spreads for miles!

We missed our partner in crime last night! Katy went to Urban Assault Downtown with Mikey! She was with us in spirit though!

I am looking forward to my massage this Saturday! I've heard great revues and can't wait to experience what my team mates have!

Keep the faith everyone (including our competitors!) and remember state of mind is merely a term meaning mood or outlook. I feel the physical training has definitely improved my mood, at least I'm not as cranky as I was in the beginning!

Now the outlook or end result is again just a temporary psychological state! Even though I wish the end result were here...It does make me think...what would motivate me for tomorrow??? I know! CQI of course!!! Continuous Quality Improvement! Let's face it, a quality state of mind is infinity!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Awesome is the word of the day. Its how I feel and hopefully how I look. After a rough week 2 where insecurities crept into our thoughts we all feel great. We have started to notice differences in how we look and fit in our clothes (cant quite get the nerve to analyze myself naked yet). Some of us fit into clothes that had been banished into the depths of our closets, others can see their long lost toes or just feel healthier overall.

It's amazing to realize how crummy I used to feel now that I feel great! My energy is up along with my new found confidence. I notice that my head is held a little bit higher as I walk through the halls at work and there's definitely a pep in my step to reflect my attitude. That's not to say that we aren't sore as heck or that we don't groan when coach Laurel says "...and that just the warm up." BCTG is demanding and challenging every time but its incredible to see our progress in strength, form and endurance. I can finally do "swings" without looking angry, tense and undoubtedly foolish.

This is a wonderful experience. I can see the transformation in my own body, mind and lifestyle along with that of 3 spectacular women. I could not do this without my trainers and my teammates to support, encourage and police me. Thank you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 3 is off to a good start. I think.

I'm in AA in Abs and Ass. They're very angry with me this evening. I have to remind them that they kept me out of a bikini last summer, therefore they must pay.

Actually, BCTG is great cure for menstrual cramps. Nothing like a few rounds of kettlebell rows and diamond push-ups to make one forget all about their uterus.

Doubt they'll include that in a marketing campaign. :)

I'm really enjoying BCTG. Oh, it's tough...really tough, but I love (wait, did I say "love"?) how they mix everything up. Sure, every synonym for "pain" and "agony" applies, but nary a one for "boring." It's the most fun I've had being tortured!

Que music: The Inquisition, what a show! The Inquisition, here we go.

On the other hand, I'm not liking the diet part. It's not too hard to cut back on servings, but it has been a struggle to change *what* I eat. Now, to that I can apply: "boring," "tedious," and "dull." I'm just a big blob of processed food trying to discover healthy alternatives that I'll want to consume. And it doesn't help that I have a phobia of grocery stores and the kitchen. (I'll save that trauma for another post). However, under Laurel's guidance I am learning a lot. Yet, it's like taking calculus, when all I know how to do is count with my fingers.

My husband said that the number one reason he's happy I entered this competition is that I'll learn to eat healthier. "If I ate like you have all these years, I'd be dead right now."

Um, I think that's encouragement?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woo hoo!

This morning, I was able to slip on a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in months! And I'm not muffin-toppin"!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What the word Team means to me!

What an inspiration the GTO KO's team is! I feel we are all soldiers fighting a common battle...the battle of continuously improving our bodies spiritually, mentally and physically.

We are a team because we are a cooperative unit! We are there for each other when the times get rough never judging, fussing or considering anyone the weakest link!

We are a team because we have the same initiative when:
1. We are in a compromising position and we are eating something a little too close to our scheduled workout time! We just keep on working out like nothing happened! Yes you guessed was like a bomb going off!!!!
2. We are stinking up the offices and have the hallways smelling like ICY HOT during work hours!
3. We have collectively dusted off and brought our heating pads and cold packs to work when we can't get up to walk to the copy machine, we gladly parade around for one another with our legs stiff and open, looking like we are in a heavy-weight-lifting-competition!
4. We are very close when we work order to harmonize when we grunt!

We are a team because we concur on everything including:
5. We could be described as the original A TEAM when we are accused of committing the crime of incorrectly executing the assigned exercise!
6. We can appreciate the skinny people (while accidentally tripping them) when they look like the Bionic Woman or Man and captivating each exercise with ease!!!!

We are a team because we are a collection of the best talent anywhere when:
7. Our trainers look at us shaking their heads and asking "What are you doing?"
8. Our hair is flying all over our red sweaty faces and our tight fitting gym clothes (that we refuse to purchase in a larger size) rides up over our bellies showing the HOUSTON DOME!
9. We loathe having to waste our time and perform exercises back to back that calls for the first part to begin on the floor, while struggling to get up before its over to execute the second part of the exercise in a standing position!!!
10. We adore looking in the bathroom mirror and realizing there is more to see of this metaphoric body down by the ankles!!!

On a real note...I wouldn't trade this experience or my team for anything in the world! You rock GTO KO's!!!!!

Diet is a four letter word.

Learning how to eat healthy (after a lifetime of eating--and loving--high fat foods) is like teaching a redneck to speak Mandarin Chinese. No common ground and much gets lost in translation.

Forgive my bitterness, but after spending 42 years in Denial I am now fully centered in the 2nd stage of Grief: Anger. Damn it, I want to eat without thinking! Yes, I want fries with that! Supersize me!

Healthy Translation: I want to be overweight and clog my arteries.

Yeah, I know, I know: "substitute carrot sticks for potato chips," "skip the dessert and opt for a bowl of fresh fruit," "it's all about portion control." Suddenly, I'm in the world of the Have's and Have Not's. As in, you can have *this* food, but of *that* one, have not. (WARNING: this is a bit crude, but I don't think children are reading) suddenly, I can relate to men's complaints about condoms, "It's just doesn't feel as good."

Food certainly doesn't taste as good. Protein bars = sweetened sawdust. A sandwich without mayonnaise is as dry as the Sahara. A chip sans dip is like Thelma without Louise.

I know, I need to embrace the healthy lifestyle (ie: micromanagement of nutrients). The exercise part is easy (well, easier) to do because there's the immediate physical euphoria when you're finished. Kind of like a reverse hangover; you're in unbelievable pain for an hour and then you feel really good for awhile. But, the dieting is excruciating because not only does it involve eating out of your comfort zone, you have to analyze every single item for serving size, calories, fat, carbs, and protein. It's's math! And I always sucked at math.

It is far easier to control one's diet in a "routine" environment. I just got back from a business trip and working in the exercise wasn't that difficult, nor was planning for breakfast, lunch and snacks. But, dinner? Ha! Ever notice how the $$$$'s don't offer "light" or "heart healthy" menu options? Even the salads were 4-course meals on a plate. I just gave up and ordered a half portion of what I wanted to eat, and then only ate half of that and trashed the rest. Even though I limited myself to just a sample of Heaven, I'm sure my sacrifice still jumped my cals, fat, and carbs beyond my daily limit. Argh!

Thankfully, I entered this competition as part of a team. Because, without them, I would probably lose my resolve to be committed to a healthier lifestyle. If it weren't for the KO's checking in on one another, texts of encouragement, phone calls of commiseration; and our trainer's stern guidance and daily support, I'd be knee deep in Gouda cheese right now. I hope to zoom through stages 3 & 4 (Bargaining and Depression) right to Acceptance.

But for now, all I can say is Diet is "Die With a T."

Thursday, February 18, 2010


That was my mantra during last night’s boot camp. And what I kept yelling at Johanna as we did lunges with kettle bells across the parking lot. And to the poor girl doing them as well that probably thought I was nuts. Not even sure I realized I was yelling it out loud (yes, yelling!). And let me tell you, this morning it is NOT happy with me. “Just WHAT do you think you’re doing to me? Do not do all this pain in my name!” (Yes, my behind can talk- it’s got enough mass back there!)

Nearing the end of week 2. It’s been a tough battle these past few days, with being out of town over the weekend for work and not being around my inspiring ladies! I may have fallen off the proverbial fitness wagon, but last night’s workout really put me back on track and seriously made me regret my lackadaisical ways over the weekend!

This week we also got some feedback on what we’ve been eating, and I know we are all a little sheepish about our food logs. And by sheepish I mean I was practically apologizing before I even sent it in. It took every ounce of power in my body to make my finger hit “send” on the e-mail to her. After all, who willingly subjects themselves to certain pain? Oh, wait…

Laurel did make sure to get on each of us about what/how much we’re eating. However, the criticism (constructive!) was followed up by helpful tips on what we can do to change/fix our mistakes. I tell you what, there’s a long grocery list ahead of me. My poor freezer is probably not prepped for this. Maybe WellQuest will buy us all deep freezes….

And now, to finish this rambling entry! I have decided to make a pledge in the spirit of better eating (I’ll get to the exercise one later…baby steps after all!). And here it is!

My pledge:

“I, Katy Zamesnik, do solemnly swear that I WILL eat my required number of calories. I WILL stop eating processed ready-to-eat meals and snacks. I WILL eat more fruits and veggies. I WILL stop complaining about our dietary guidelines and just follow them.”

After all, we are in a competition, we are in a competition, we are in a COMPETITION! Maybe this will be my new mantra, if only to give my poor rear end a break from the blame!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick and Tired

In order for change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger!
Tired of trying diet after diet only to be submissive to failure!
Sick of not being able to buy the cute clothes and having to settle for the sacks they sell for overweight people!
Tired of not being able to bend over and tie my shoes comfortably!
Sick of seeing skinny women and wondering: what would that size feel like?!?!
Tired of not being approached by an interested person!
Sick of myself telling fat jokes to feel like I belong!
Tired of getting passed up for a promotion to a skinny individual who is less qualified!
Sick of writing for now because this too shall pass....

Second week of boot camp and still waiting for the day that I can wake up and not feel pain! Kettle Bells are the bomba! ;-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday’s Boot Camp was killer both physically and emotionally. Who knew that working out would be stressful on the body and the mind? I went into class pumped and ready to rock but quickly felt myself become more and more self conscious about my poor form and “weakness.” Whenever I was on a “high” I quickly came slamming back down to earth.

Station 1: Box Jumps
After the second set of “jumps” (where we had to jump on and off a mat platform about 1’ off the ground) my enthusiasm and energy had diminished significantly. My legs just didn’t want to cooperate and jump up; they kept trying to sneak in a step instead of a two legged jump. I found my brain chanting (out loud) “you can do this, you can do it, you can do it.” My teammate, Hope, quickly joined in with, "you’re doing great girl….good job Jo.” Seeing Hope struggling with her own modified “jump” and somehow finding the strength to motivate me made me push a little harder and find the courage to keep jumping to the end.

Station 2: Step Downs
At the next station, we stood (on one leg) on a step and attempted to touch the floor without having our standing knee go over our toes. Simple enough…I think not! I thought I had it all figured until Trainer Mike walked over. He stood next to me and just stared…I quickly responded with, “I’m doing it wrong,” in my most pathetic voice. “Yes,” he said simply and started to correct my form. After 3 attempts the buzzer went off (our queue to move to the next station) and still I had not figured it out. I lowered my head, and feeling a failure, sheepishly moved to the next station...Mountain Climbers.

Station 3: Mountain Climbers (with Sliders)
If Mountain Climbers were an Olympic sport I would be in Canada (cleaning up after the real athletes). Imagine yourself in a push up position and then climbing/sliding one leg at a time on the floor. The goal is to move your foot as far forward and to the opposite side as possible, rapidly. I had finally found a station that I could complete with decent form and without being sent to the morgue. What I didn’t realize until this morning, was that when you finally utilize “good form” you hurt in all the right/wrong places. This exercise has muscles I didn’t know existed in pain, but at least I can do it for…30 seconds straight! That’s enough to get me on a high.

Station 4: Shoulder Press with Ropes
This station requires you to do a “butterfly stroke” while standing and holding the heaviest ropes in the world. At least that’s what I thought the exercise was about until….Trainer Mike walked over again and said “What are you doing?” This straightforward statement made my stomach drop. Here I was, on this high from the last station only to be told I was doing something wrong again! Did I mention this was our second round at this station so I’d been doing it wrong for a while? To make, matters worse the buzzer went off again before I could correct my form. I thought to myself, “this sucks!” and then I remembered the sign on the wall behind me that says…”Sucking, sucks” –Bart Simpson. Talk about inspiration…I will not suck!

Station 5: Skaters on BOSU
This is easy breezy. That’s not to say it wasn’t hard work, but at least I can do this. This station is about endurance more than strength so I was able to push myself. There were a couple of times when I nearly tripped over my feet (and the half sphere I was bouncing off of.) The trainers may need to invest in a mouth guard for this station now that I’m here. Having never really skated (unless 3 skating rink parties in 8th grade count) my coordination needs some work. But I left this station feeling encouraged and capable until…

Station 6: Pull up on rings
This by far, has got to be the most difficult of all our stations. Rings hang from the ceiling and we are to pull ourselves up using the rings. My mind started racing…”Ha! Are they kidding! This must be some type of cruel joke, there is no way I can do this.” But, we are in competition so I have to give it my all right? Well I guarantee that if anyone was watching me they would have had no idea that I was giving it my all. Picture this… I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach the rings, then, I hold them in my hands and let out a squeak/grunt as I jump up and try to hold myself up. This is definitely not correct form but at Week 2 it’s all I’ve got. The girl next to me, alarmed by my squeak/grunt looks over and cracks a smile. I can tell she wants to laugh but is too polite. Can’t say I blame her though. After doing this 10 more times the buzzer goes off and…..

we get to do this rollercoaster ALL over again!

In the Doghouse

Yesterday, we had to turn in our food journals. I was pretty happy with mine because I had been good about staying within my target calories. Also, when I compared what I ate to my "previous life" it was a drastic improvement.

So, I emailed the journal to my trainer, Laurel. And she send back a professionally worded succinct email that basically stated I have too much fat in my diet and I am eating too many processed foods and not enough nutritious ones. If you read between the lines, what she really said was, "Are you CRAZY? How can you fill your body with this crap and win the competition?! Are you wasting my time?"

My stomach dropped. I felt like a kid, you know... when you done something much worse than angering you parents; you've disappointed them. Ugh. "Why don't you go to your room and think about what you've done." Double Ugh.

So, I had plenty of time to think about it on my drive to Orlando. What I realized is that I am doing this half-assed. Yeah, I'm exercising and counting calories, but I'm not really analyzing WHAT I am putting into my body and HOW it affects my health. I'm just swimming in the river of Denial (not found in Egypt) thinking that being "better than before" is good enough.

And it is not.

So, I eyeballed that second Babybel Light and grabbed the carrot sticks instead. Last night I crawled into bed and curled up with a stack of handouts from Laurel and the nutritionist and *really* read them.

Today I'll be studying food labels in a whole new way. Hopefully, this week's food journal will reflect that.

And perhaps my trainer will let me crawl out of the doghouse.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Have you ever noticed when you are on a mission in life everything you look at or can associate to your current situation? This is a perfect example:

Gratitude unlocks the turmoils (fitness) of life (What was I thinking trying out for this torture)! It turns what we have (fat) into enough (food for thought), and more (muscle).

It turns denial into acceptance (I am fat and not just big boned!), chaos into order (stress can be lowered with exercise), and confusion into clarity (Just because it says "healthy" doesn't mean it is!). It turns problems into gifts (I am right where I need to be), failures into success (You can't JUST say to me "You have a pretty face" anymore!), the unexpected into perfect timing (It's never too late to start being fit), and mistakes into important events. (Whoever thought of the biggest Loser contest????)

At the end of our first week all I have to say is OUCH!!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kettlebell Schwing!

GTO KO's completed the first week of BCTG! Party time...excellent!

Not really...we can't party till May, but by then we'll be so babelicious and won't want to. Yeah, right, pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon, goat cheese, crackers, and chocolate?

Friday was a killer. After an intense circuit, we were given the option to work hard and leave early. The KO's knew there was a catch; we voted "No way."

"Way" we ended the evening swinging one-armed kettlebells. Snap those hips! Our cop (do I smell bacon?), I mean, trainer pointed out my incorrect form. "The kettlebell should be coming out from behind your butt!"

I wanted to shout out, "When kettlebells fly out of my butt!" or "We're not worthy!" but thought I might hurl.

This was only week 1 and we have 11 weeks to go. It's like a new pair of first it's constrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you.

The bathing suit bod will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine.

Please note that portions of this blog are attributed to Wayne's World and no copyright infringement was intended.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Husband/Significant Other Code of Conduct

1. Don't Offer Temptations
Believe me, we can do this all on our own. If you want to go out for dinner, please pick a restaurant where we can exercise some healthy choices and portion control. (Note to my husband: The Melting Pot offers neither). *You* don't have to diet...but we need options to win this competition.

2. When Temptations Lurk
Words of encouragement are appreciated...
a) "I'm proud of your determination."
b) "I can't believe you skipped the gouda, you kick ass."
c) "I'm taking you to Tiffany's to buy a diamond necklace to go with your new bathing suit."

3. When We Cave into Temptation
Don't bother to criticize/point out our set-backs. Our trainer will do that for you...not to mention we'll wallow in self-loathing. Be forewarned: if you happen to say something like "Wow, you just ate 3 days worth of calories," your body may eventually be discovered at the bottom of Lake Ella (if the ducks don't eat you first). Be smart and refer to 2(c).

4. Reward
Getting fit is the goal, but diamonds are fat-free and last forever. See 2(c).

Support Group

Supportive quotes of week 1:

Passing a giant billboard of a juicy burger and fries for Five Guys Burgers...
Mike: "Now, thats where we need to eat lunch!"
Jo: "Really Mike...I cant do this on my own, I need your support or I will fail"
Mike: "In that case I will be eating Five Guys for lunch"

Mike: "How do steaks sound for dinner tomorrow night?"
Jo: "Sounds good"
Mike: "We can cut up that meat in the freezer and make three GIANT ASS ribeyes!"
Jo: "Really Mike, think about what I'm trying to do and what you just said"
Mike: "You think about what I just said and what I'm trying to do. So what we just give up meat then?"

Later Thursday
Jo: Dang, I still have 700 Calories I should eat today."
Mike: "If I were you, I'd drink them."
Jo: "I don't know if I should laugh or smack you."
Mike: "You should have a beer and think it over."


It's rare that you see a team of four females in a biggest loser contest with a combination of weight loss goals that equals 126 lbs! Extraordinarily rare when two of the women are trying to lose 5 to 15 lbs!

Even more rare when this team of women are very supportive of each other and are proud to be the first time recipients of this exciting event in Tallahassee! You see this contest isn't just about losing weight! It's about an overall healthier existence! Pushing yourself where you have never dared to go before and attaining what you have never achieved! Swearing under your breath every time you merely move your arm or take your next step! Wanting to say no, but something inside you won't allow you to stop! Waiting to feel normal, but you realize the pain is here to stay because you're not a quitter! I know I struggle the most out of the four of us, but when I see the determined look on their faces it pushes me even harder!

Those joyful tears from every new extreme venture! Sometimes I believe we are all a little insane to look forward to this torture!!! We can't wait to meet at BOOT CAMPS TO GO!!! We can't wait to see what torture they have waiting for us this time! Yes we are insanely dedicated and that's what makes us winners!

We LOVE to hear them tell us don't drink alcohol while you are in this competition...get a heavier kettle are a bunch of cry babies!!!! But hey we are some tough girls that require tough training! We are a rare bread and I am very proud to be a part of something so special!

Lookout Tallahassee the rewards will also be rare!!! Until next time...get your rare taste of Katy, Johanna and Elise right here! If I haven't told my team members lately I am telling you now...I am extremely proud of you and you are such rare women!!!! I am blessed to be a part of this!

Rare is a Rigorous And Rewarding Experience!

TRX = Toture Really Xtreme

Before I get started on the meat of this blog post, I want to take 2 seconds to rant about the title of this post. We were all trying to come up with names for this modern-day torture device, which was EXACTLY what it was. Imagine, after having already done pull-ups, having to then hang horizontal to the ground and dead lift your entire body. 10 times. Yeah. We didn’t even have to do that many pull ups. Torture device. Give me planks, kettlebell deadlifts, or squats any day of the week!

And now on to the rest of the post…

So last night was our first “real” Boot Camp- we got in with the class, participated in all the stations, and REALLY pushed ourselves. Going into it last night, I think we all were nervous that we would be really far behind the rest of the class. I was so impressed when we all made it through just fine! We sure grunted, sweated, and I know silently cursed our decisions to do this, but the bottom line is- WE DID IT! I’m beyond surprised that I’m even able to type any of this today, seeing as I could barely lift my arms to unlock my door last night! However, I’m so proud of all of us and can’t wait to watch the transformation that will take place in all of us and long to be at the point where we look back at how much we struggled last night and say “HA!”

On a positive note, I really enjoyed the kettlebells! I never thought I’d say that about any kind of weight lifting, but throwing these heavy metal balls into the mix with our squats and core exercises definitely added a whole new level of fitness that I think will start showing results very soon!

Today we technically have an “off” day, but I know Johanna and Hope will be attending Urban Assault downtown (go girls!) and I will be doing my cardio to keep on my exercise path for the 10k Mud Run in March!

We ARE the GTO KO’s and we WILL be knockouts!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dare to Dream!

After our second day of Boot Camp To Go I can totally relate to the TV Series "Celebrity Fit Club"! Even if you are humorous with a positive outlook on life...I see how easy it would be to inherit an attitude!

This type of intense workout is something I have never done and only dreamed about! This for me is not only about losing weight...but gaining strength, balance and an overall healthy lifestyle!

My team mates (GTO KO's) are the bomb! They are so supportive and a hell of a lot younger! Even though I am feeling the age difference they don't seem to mind! My biggest fear is to be able to keep up with everyone. I will make this promise to give it all I have and be a part of a winning team!!!

Lookout Tallahassee we are going to not only be GTO KO's but Tallahassee KO's!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No more munchkins...I mean, munchies!

Windmills, Swings, and Get-ups, oh my! Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. (Well, actually, my "Kansas Rump" —flat and wide just like the state—still is, butt (ha) not for long! We're on the Yellow Brick Road, although it feels like the Yellow Brick Wall as it's certainly an uphill climb.

We survived our second day at Boot Camps To Go. It's all a, ropes, kettlebells, pull ups, planks and sweat! Laurel (BCTG) is certainly a good witch...she's put our team on food diaries, meet with a nutritionist, and has provided tons of information on how to meet our fitness goals. But, don't mistake her for a gentle Glinda...she's working us harder than a team of Flying Monkeys!

Can't decide if I'm the Cowardly Lion (I was so nervous I couldn't sleep the night before our first day) or the Scarecrow (my thighs are wondering if I even have a brain). If we do this right, the GTO KO's will be wearing Ruby Bikini's in 88 days. Just keep clicking those kettlebells and think "I want to be fit, I want to be fit..."

Elise "Queen of the Brie"

Audition Tape

See our audition tape at

The GTO KOs Summary

We, Katy, Johanna (me), Hope and Elise have been selected to compete in a "Biggest Looser" competion in Tallahassee, FL. We submitted a video that was seleceted among 21. Our challenge started yesterday, Monday, February 8th. We have weighed in, had blood test drawn and already completed our first workout.

This blog is inteded to keep us motivated, on track and to allow us to vent our frustrations and struggles as we embark on this 3 month journey. We look forward to becoming healthier, happier and better looking individuals while sharing it all with the world.

We will post videos of our adventures and progress(audition tape coming soon.) You can check out our trainers at Boot Camps To Go, Tallahassee. Yes, I said boot camp and we are scared! The first class didn't kill us but then again they need us to come back in order for the trainers to win...and we WILL win.