Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cut out the stress and realize we can't play by old rules!

These blogs can be hard at times especially when we are pouring out our deepest inner thoughts and secrets. Not to mention having to be honest with not only yourself but millions of viewers! Each day Heather sends out an inspiring email called "Daily Dose" (healthy living) and what it boils down to is you can't play by old rules! When looking at this contest we think try harder, instead of trying differently!

We realize that our workout and diets are changing and in an attempt to cope, we react as if more is the answer. Don't get me wrong, I know we all put our best foot forward and push ourselves to almost insanity, not to mention the enduring pain when it's hard to even walk! While our workouts and diets are taking on totally new dimensions...making new demands...calling for new habits...we are still trying to add more! Struggling to compete and win really wears on the nerves! After awhile the stress and strain cause engine damage to the mental state of mind!

Now even though adapting is tough...we have to remember how difficult it was a little over 2 months ago when we couldn't even imagine being where we are today. Rather than barreling ahead with the same old behaviors that worked well enough in the past, we must learn new routines. We must make the necessary shift in our mindset so that our thinking is aligned with our new realities.

The reality is this: I have lost 9 lbs during this competition so far. In my mind my goal was 50 lbs when I started...therefore the stress is reminding me that I have not accomplished my goal! This can be overwhelming and I need to remind myself that I am not playing by the old rules and I have changed my old habits! Cutting out the stress? We will always have some in life as long as we know how to take it and turn it into a positive it's all good! I will continue to do things differently and I have faith that the end results will be very good for all of us! GO GTO KO's!


  1. Continue to be encouraged! I have to remind myself when I look at my big goal (which is about the same as yours) it is easy to look at the success and look at how far you have to go and not how far you have come--in every way. How far you've come is a result of all the great and many changes that have taken place as we've done the work to transform ourselves into new healthier beings (I say We b/c i'm on the same journey! :-) ) I always remind myself and workout partners that quick loss usually results in quick returns, but if you take the time and do it right, then those are the changes that stick and long term success is more likely. And before you know it the changes will be second nature and won't be "changes" any more but regular life and you'll look up and will have reached your goal. Small change adds up to big rewards! Keep up the hard work! Remember to celebrate and focus on the positive changes. At least you're not where you used to be! :-)

  2. I can't wait to see the results from your official measurements and pictures. You guys look like totally different people. I don't think the contest is based on scale alone. You haven't had to take insulin in 2 weeks!! That is a huge healthy impact that your dedication and commitment has made.

  3. insulin. I'm still taking my pills but not my daily insulin! Thanks!