Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Travel

A weight-loss challenge? Sure, I'll sign up...I need to lose some weight, this should be fun.

So much fun making the video...they've got to pick us!

We were selected! Three months/90 days? Yeah, I can commit to that.

We got paired with Boot Camps to Go...I'm scared! But, it's going to be tough in a good way, right?

Love our trainer, but this Boot Camp thing is crazy! My body is too old/out of shape for this.

I'm not sure I can survive on this new diet.

Why am I running/stumbling/panting down Capital Circle in the rain?

One actual serving of pasta is really small.

I'm kicking ass keeping within my calorie count.

Whoa! Laurel informed me that my diet is full of fat/preservatives/chemicals, and lacks in protein/nutrients.

Buying fruits and vegetables.

Thanks for the meal suggestions, Jo, but I don't cook.

I'm not sure I can do burpees without throwing up.

Bitterly consuming more veggies and fruits than I care for.

Why can't I jump up on a mat with two feet? Stop laughing at my lack of coordination.

I miss cheese.

No, Katy, I'm not going to run a 5K with you.

Food pisses me off.

It's only 45 minutes...I can do this.

OK, the extra veggies and fruit aren't so bad.

Wow, I can do real in more than one.

Always thought nuts were good...dammit, savoring my quarter-cup allowance.

No matter what, I'm finishing this circuit.

I really want a cheeseburger & fries.

I can see my biceps, sans (well, smaller) Bingo Wings.

Spoke too soon... feeble attempts at the kettlebell chest-press.

Trying on jeans..."can you get these in a smaller size?" YEAH!

Discovered that a no-carb stretch has the same effects as PMS.

Didn't finish the circuit and I cried. (How embarrassing.)

Final Weigh-In: lost over my 10 lb. goal, and decreased my body fat, cholesterol levels, etc. We won't know the Team winners until May 20, but at least I've been rewarded with a healthier and stronger body. Thank you GTO KO's and BCTG for pushing/encouraging me to stick with the diet and workouts. This time-warp has resulted in benefits for all of us. Way to go GTO-KO's!


  1. Congratulations!! I hope you win the contest, but even if you don't, you've already received the real prize: meeting your weight goal and feeling better. Good job!

  2. You guys were amazing! We are all so proud of you.