Thursday, April 22, 2010

Driven to Tears

It's become apparent that our little no-carb stint is wreaking havoc on my emotional state. I was warned that I would be grouchy, although the alternative for the word "witch" is a more apt description of my attitude.

I've also noticed that my brain is a bit foggy. This may not be detectable to the human eye, as I am quite ditzy and scattered; my family already hears, "Where are my sunglasses/where is my phone/where are my keys?" on a daily basis. Now, I find myself exclaiming, "Oh sh*t, it's Wednesday," in the middle of what-I-thought-was-Tuesday, and suddenly have to gather all the balls I've dropped. In fact, I'm having trouble writing this blog. (Will someone do something about that annoying dog barking outside? Oops, that's MY dog!)

And this evening, my emotions took a turn for the worse. Walking Kettlebell Suicides...on an incline. For starters, I just couldn't get the technique down. Although Mike tried patiently to help me correct the movement, I kept screwing it up. Katy was waiting at the top of the slope, cheering me on to the finish line when Mike called Time. I mouthed to her, "I didn't finish," and made an exaggerated frown-face.

Whoa! The bottom-lip-extension was a bad idea; it immediately triggered the tear ducts. Yep, I actually started crying during my workout. I know, I know... pathetic. Which is exactly how I felt. Thankfully, my face was dripping with perspiration, so I could pull off the "wiping sweat from my brow" maneuver.

While I can attribute some of this to the low-carb imbalance, I was truly frustrated that I let myself down. You see, about half-way into the WellQuest Challenge/Boot Camps To Go training, I realized that I could complete each circuit as long as I pushed myself to do so. No, it's never become's just that I had passed the "can't do it" mark. So, here we are--just one week away from the WellQuest weigh in--and I failed to complete a BCTG circuit. Again... pathetic.

But, I knew that if I gave into my emotions, my fellow Boot Campers would be bewildered and Mike might think I had injured myself and halt the workout to check on my condition. So I focused on an image of what's written on the BCTG gym floor: SUCK IT UP!

Tears dried (sweat didn't), Jo, Katy, and I were URBAN ASSAULT-ed, and I did get a hellacious workout...

but I'm still pissed that I didn't finish.

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