Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creature FEETure

Thanks to Shaw's Athletics for enduring this evening's GTO KO invasion!

As part of the WellQuest Challenge, each team has to go on a health/fitness related outing along with a videographer. The KO's were selected to be fitted for the perfect pair of running shoes at Shaw's.

Upon arriving, we were asked to slip off our shoes, to which Katy quipped, "Without even having a glass of wine?"

After inquiries regarding foot, knee, and back pain, we had our Walk & Turn analyzed (in sock-feet). Although we rocked it like runway models, the feedback was peppered with terms like "pronation" and "supination." On the spot, we started a "No Pronation" Support Group and tossed out slogans and bumper sticker ideas for our salesman. He, being tolerant and patient, retreated to the stockroom to select our perfect shoes.

He returned with nine boxes (three different pairs for each of us to try). However, his suggestion of larger sizes was met with vocal dismay. Listen up, Shoe Marketers: women's sizes should be Super Petite, Petite, Extra Small, and Small. We don't like larger numbers, period.

Then he had us walk and run in each pair for further analysis, at which point I learned I am a "Ball-of-Footer." A technique which was certainly developed during my years of running from busted under-age keg parties. (PS. Katy tried to convince me once again to join her in running a 5K, but I'm having none of her Kool-Aid. Keep your cult to yourself.)

I have no doubt this experience scared our videographer, Jay, from shopping with women for life! "This one looks like a bullet." "Do you have these in another color?" "I can't tell which one feels better, I've only tried on shoes for cuteness." "Where are the support stilettos?" (Note to WellQuest: Jay is awesome, completely professional and fun to work with.)

Super-shopper Katy had to be talked down from some impulse buys, Jo had to pull her tongue, and I left with a new phobia...Black Toe. However, we all purchased a new pair of shoes, so it was a win-win for all.


  1. HEY NOW. It was NOT impulse buying...I really do need a race watch! In fact it would have come in handy this morning in spin class, thank you very much. :) Though I will admit, the dampener for the racket I probably didn't need...

  2. That place scares me. I received a bad recommendation and am still having problems with injuries I sustained as a result from almost 2 years ago! My lesson: Sometimes common sense supersedes the "pro's" sense! :-) Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and check pretty regularly to see what new has been posted. I'm a 5:30am-er for BCTG and your posts always make me laugh as I am usually nodding my head in full agreement!!! ;-)

  3. Katy, I am a huge gadget buyer. If there is a gadget to take my mind of running, I have it!!

  4. Thanks, PrancingPrincess...always good to get feedback on any business in town. I've given into "pro advice" against my gut before, and learned the hard way. However, I tried out my shoes @ BCTG tonight, and they worked well (didn't get the knee pain that I got in my Nikes).

    Thanks for the compliment on our blog. So you're a 5:30am BC-er? Show us some love and warn us of the impending torture! :)

    Pinch those glutes!

  5. Elise-

    Will do. But are you sure you want to know that far in advance??? LOL I think they use our class to experiment with workouts and they adjust based on how well we didn't do ;-) for the later classes! Beware of Alligator walks and 2 bell dead lifts today! :-) I'm still sore from the rope climb and ring push-ups on Wednesday!

    Pinch it!

    Keep up the good work!