Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Kettlebell "Nightmare"

So, I had this dream last night. I was trapped in a gym. There were HUNDREDS of kettlebells hanging from the ceiling, threatening to drop at any moment. All around the floor were more kettlebells, of all shapes and sizes. There was a blonde man grinning evilly as he chased me and several other women around the torture chamber, errrr- gym. We were forced to throw kettlebells at each other, lay in the path of a giant rolling kettlebell, and several other unspeakable things. Yet, just when all seemed hopeless, all of the captives came together and overpowered our captor (he turned out to be a fairly dull crayon in the box).

While this dream scared me fairly bad, and I'm more than a little terrified to look at a kettlebell tonight, I realized today it was actually a metaphor for this whole journey. While Laurel and Mike are not actually evil, Bootcamp and the kettlebell seemed, in the beginning, to be an insurmountable obstacle. And yet, as we near the end of this competition, I realize we have overcome our "captor;" the "I cant's," the "too hards," and of course, the kettlebell!

**I, Katharine Zamesnik, do certify this dream to be a true and honest dream, and agree to be held responsible for any misrepresentation thereof. (Honestly, who could make this up?)**

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  1. Dreams are often symbolic of what's going on in real life, so I believe you nailed the interpretation. But, I am a little worried that you may be suffering the DT's from lack of running. Don't worry KT, you and your addiction will be reunited soon, just let that calf heal. :)