Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Competition Jitters

The WellQuest Finish Line is looming, and I'm getting anxious.

I don't consider myself competitive, I tend to yield to others (unless it's a merge lane..."you knew you had to turn right, don't try to race up and cut in front of me!"). But, I feel like we have to win. We had the best entry video; put on a show at the Weigh-In (sporting I "heart" beer/pizza shirts until we revealed our GTO KO tees on-stage); drew the award winning gym/trainer; and have the Working Well's Inspiration Award Winner on our team.

Will we live up to our hubris?

Will we be proof that Boot Camps To Go kicks a$$?

We've been busting our butts, and our individual accomplishments are noticeable. But, have we worked harder than the other teams? I have no idea how the other teams are doing; their blogs are not quite as detailed/frequent as ours. Hopefully their blog enthusiasm reflects their workout/diet regimen.

Although the true goal of the WellQuest Challenge is to get us to develop healthier lifestyles, I want to see the GTO KO's bring home the Gold!

We've only got a couple of weeks left...we can do this...we will win...right?

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