Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I haven't blogged in a while. Probably because like Elise stated "its hump month". I've been trying to search deep inside for the motivation that was there last month but its a bit hard to find. Between traveling out of town and being so busy with work that I barely have time to eat, let alone go online and track my meals, it's been difficult to keep up the momentum of month 1.

Yesterday's Boot Camp was extremely difficult. There were many times when I felt I couldn't finish. My legs were giving out on me and my mind kept thinking "I'm so tired, everything hurts, I have to stop." After the 8th rep of arm swings, squats, push ups and lunges I had to run up the hill and back. My quads and calves had decided they weren't moving and my brain strongly agreed. I was about to quit but then...I saw Katy's smiling face running towards me. She gave me a high five as she passed and told me how proud of me she was for running. She was proud of me? Was she serious? I'm the one who can't even run a half mile without dying a painful death!

Each and every time I was ready to give up on myself, I saw Katy pushing me and motivating me to complete what we had started. I honestly think if she hadn't been there I would not have finished. She used kind words of encouragement to make me feel good about myself and more confident in my ability to complete our exercises...and it worked! She used harsh military like(Coach Mike)commands to motivate Elise. "What are you doing" and "get moving" were the words of encouragement Elise heard from Katy. Regardless of what it was she said, all of us worked harder because of it.

Katy is not the weakest link! She is an inspiration and a motivator. She is part of our team and I could not do it without her. Thank you Katy for keeping me going and making me want to be a better, more fit me. With your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde encouragement, you know what to say to get each of us to finish.

Today I went back for seconds(and I don't mean lunch or dinner.) We knew that today's workout would be the same as yesterday and yet I went back for more. I pushed and pushed thinking how I had to make Katy proud. I imagined her smiling face telling me to go on and I did.

We are a team and each member plays an very important role. Today I am especially grateful to have Katy as my teammate. We miss you and know that you will be back soon to make us run even when we dont want to!


  1. Actually, Katy yelled, "Why aren't you running?!" To which I responded, "I'm running in my mind." However, that *did* make me run again. Damn that peppy little motivator. :)

  2. Once again, I need to say, you looked freaking awesome tonight...and those heels...LOVE THEM!!