Saturday, March 27, 2010

Criminal Behavior

Sooo, I left last night's inspirational "time to tighten up" meeting ready to step up and take the remainder of this Challenge to the next level.

This morning, I slipped and fell face-first into a plate of illegal quiche. It was the most incredible meal I've had since beginning this diet...and it certainly is not included on the food list Laurel provided at the meeting.

Forgive me GTO KO's, for I have committed a crime. While Katy was running the 10K at Springtime, I was savoring every bite of a spinach-artichoke-mushroom-goat cheese-and-other-unholy-ingredients Slice of Heaven.

I met my mother at Craig's Killer Coffee for breakfast. While I knew this could be a potential set-back—and planned to eat my Grape-Nuts with low fat milk before meeting her—I hit the snooze bar too many times and left the house with an empty stomach. (Entered into Evidence as "Excuse #1).

Mom is visiting from out of town (Excuse #2). There was no fruit option (Excuse #3). It was a healthier choice than the Triple-Chocolate-Muffin (Excuse #4). I drank black coffee instead of the myriad of decadent Killer Coffee choices (Excuse #5).

While the jury acknowledges those excuses hold's literal, as in calories and fat.

The inner Judge denied my plea. I've become too educated about diet and exercise during this Challenge to justify a meal that possibly exceeded my caloric/fat intake for the entire day. However, I did notice a difference in how I handle personal failure, which has always followed a mantra of "you've already screwed up today, might as well fall off the wagon and start again tomorrow." So I partially served my sentence by: taking my dog on a long walk; doing push ups, sit ups, lunges, and dumbbells; eating an apple when finally hungry again (that piece of quiche lasted me 7 hours); taking a 45 minute high-intensity walk.

Did the punishment fit the crime? Only if I scale back on my calories/fat intake and increase my exercise for the next few days to burn off that quiche. Otherwise, my Offense will only manifest itself on my hips and thighs (and scale).

A public apology to my KO's: I'm sorry I screwed up. I will resist temptation for the remainder of our Challenge. I will do my best to ensure that we are the Winning Team!

But, allow me to praise Craig's Killer Coffee for being an awesome Accessory to the Crime. Their quiche/pizza/baked goods are AMAZING, and they have the BEST coffee in town. They're located inside Video 21 on Lafayette St. (across the Parkway from Governor's Square Mall). If you succumb to criminal behavior, you'll at least be supporting a local business.

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