Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Observations on Kettlebell Training

For whom the (kettle) Bell tolls:
  • Don't be deceived by their cute, round, Mickey Mouse-like appearance. It's a cannonball with a handle.
  • The words: "Snap," "Jerk," and "Clean" take on entirely new meanings. And "Get Ups" do not refer to your clever outfit.
  • If you can lunge with a kettlebell and talk at the same time, Laurel is going to give you a heavier one.
  • Bruising will not garner sympathy.
  • One can't appear "lady-like" while swinging a kettlebell.
  • Just when you thought you'd never use Lamaze breathing techniques again (or ever)...


  1. Yeah whenever I'm doing kettlebells and I see Laurel's eyes focus on me for a second to long I know the weight is going up!