Monday, March 1, 2010

A Play on Words

Have you ever noticed how words can make or break your day? CAUTION! The tongue is a powerful weapon!

The disambiguation of joker is to grab YOUR kettle bell and do overhead arm lifts! How man jokers (and hearts) did they have in that deck? And when did the Kettle Bell become OUR possession? Your is our without the Y!

Then there are words that cause that proverbial cringe! Now the next set I want you to HOLD IT....HOLD IT! Push ups and suicides! Did I forget to mention up a hill?

Whispered words! You can hear loudly those whispered words of CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!! I know you've heard your parents say Good Whispers and Evil Shouts! Is that why you cry out when exercising? Its just down right evil!

Concerned Words!! The scale is not your friend! Are you ok? We want you to be able to walk afterwards! No pain No gain! Lets redefine pain and gain! Panic Attack Inside Nerves! Gee Am I Nuts????

Loving words! Massage...inspiration....Ice pack! I love your determination! Don't worry you will be able to get up and down faster!

Hunger words! Buffet...Fat! But I don't want to pick up a heavier Kettle Bell! I want freakin FOOD!

And you thought BCTG stood for Boot Camps To Go! More like Brutal Camps to go! Thanks Laurel and Mike! You two rock!!!!

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  1. Hope you are inspiring all the other people your age who are too afraid to workout as hard as you do. You are setting the bar and then kicking it's ass! I love watching you guys work so hard and how you support each other.