Friday, March 26, 2010

The body is a wonder!

OK! OK! I know I am supposed to be positive so allow me to correct the title and say: The body is wonderFUL! I CAN allow a little more confusion in my life right now...but why all the damn hanging skin!?!?! I need to develop a greater tolerance for these constant changes, even though it does absolutely nothing for the self esteem! What a raw surprise to look in the mirror these days! Maybe I can think of the mirror as a movable object, flexible to fit the image! But this is not a circus mirror, this is my body folks!!!!

My concerns are legitimate and it has been a struggle to make this body adapt to ME! I look forward to being flexible and fit right into its constant demands for ICY HOT, PAIN RELIEVERS, MOTRIN and CELEBREX!

If this is a test of my inner strength, then I probably need to add stress relievers to the list above! I often wonder if anyone else in the world wakes up to taking 8 pills a day, a few pills during the day and goes to sleep taking a shot! My common sense tells me we would be in big trouble if we took all the pharmacies out of the equation! Not to mention HEALTH INSURANCE! I will let that battle die for NOW!

I am here to remind myself and my team this is not a failure or lost cause and we cannot or will not set ourselves up for more stress! Right now my behavior requires enormous amounts of emotional labor! However on a positive note I am grateful and feel more educated about the science of the body!

I love having Laurel as my instructor! She allows me to take whatever time I feel I need when exercising, therefore I feel I can't disappoint her and lag behind! My doctor had said "don't let the trainers push you too much!" I assured her that Laurel is not that type of trainer and has even suggested I take time off! Hold on! Wait a minute! I think Laurel was using the oldest trick in the know... Reverse Psychology! She seems to understand the roles of my crazy mental functions! Now I want to work harder than before! You are too slick Laurel and you have stabilized the situation! For that...I love you dearly!

At the end of the day I can honestly say...GIRL YOU ROCK! YOUR TEAM ROCKS! YOU GAVE IT 110%! YOUR TEAM GAVE IT 110%!

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  1. Hope you do rock! Keep on keeping on!