Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well Quest! What an Educational Experience!

For me...I have learned more during this competition about Food, exercising, etc. than I have in a lifetime! That's a shame when you think about it...where was the urgency?!

Since we know that healthy food costs more I've done some research on how to save some foods rather than throwing them out. I would like to think that's because of portion control, but its most likely due to lack of interest in good healthy foods! During this competition I have had the best intentions when going grocery shopping, but as we know the smallest deed outweighs the grandest intention! Anywayz try placing paper towels in your crisper drawer of your fridge to absorb the moisture and keep veggies and fruits crisp! In addition if celery or carrots go limp (sounds like a personal problem) then put them in ice water with a slice of potato!

When it comes to exercising I have a bad knee and in order to prevent pain this automatic defensive mechanism kicks in and I adjust my exercises accordingly! Well Tuesday when i did the adjustment my hip and groin area started hurting. I then went to my favorite site for old folks like me (don't laugh) and found a great article on Keeping your knees healthy! One of the ways is to strengthen your thighs! I will need your help with that Laurel! Go to site: http://www.aarpmagazine.org/health/keep_your_knees_healthy.html
There is also a recipe archive, information on how to shop and what to look for, tips and info for subjects like diabetes, heart and even your sex drive!!! OH BOY! I will have to wait on that one until I feel comfortable enough and smile when I look in the mirror! Oh sure I can smile at my face but if my eyes roam any lower that smile is a frown turned upside down! On a positive note...I know this too shall pass and one day I WILL be comfortable again with my body!

Another tool that has been essential in this program (which I will continue to use) is http://www.sparkpeople.com/
My doctor suggested this site for tracking my calories, weight, fitness, etc. You can download it to your phone, get tips, recipes, reports for your daily food and what you need to eat more of or less of, etc. Sites like these with online calculators are a life saver! What I do is enter my own foods that way I know the calories per container or weight will be correct, instead of trusting what someone else had entered, and simply add it to my favorites.

Now the Internet and books are great resources and very educational for living a healthy lifestyle, but one thing that I cant learn from any other source but pure strong heartfelt desire is PORTION CONTROL! Oh sure I can lie to myself, and say "I am going to eat extra food but its healthy so no harm no foul!" NOPE! WON'T WORK! NOT if I'm trying to get the scale to go down faster! Even though its within the calories one thing I've learned about me and my lifetime of bad habits is every time I eat doesn't mean i have to feel FULL! I want to push myself away from the table when I have eaten my portion, even if I'm not full! Then I can wait and eat a snack later. I have the three meals down its getting to 5 then 6 a day which is what my doctor recommends! Well people that's my current struggle and on a positive note I WILL GET THERE AND HAVE THE HEALTHY BODY I DESIRE!

Till next time!

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