Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You know "Yesterday" by the Beatles! All my troubles seemed so far it looks as though their here to stay! All I can say is yesterday was rough!

When I saw Laurel showing Elise and Katy how to drag the towel while holding their body up on their first thought was "OK Laurel is not making this look too easy...I know my girls are going to be hurting!!!" Then she came over to me with a ball that was flat on one side. She flips the ball over and I held myself up with my forearms on the flat side while turning the ball in circular motions!!! MAN! I was sweating like a pig!!! Then she says turn it SLOWLY! OMG! I thought I would never finish 2 and had to do 5 per rep!

Then to add insult to injury during our time of torture she is actually clicking pictures and taking videos in order to post them right here on our BLOG!!! As if this whole process has not been humiliating enough! Now the whole world gets to see us at our worst! All I could hear was grunting from myself, Elise and Katy!

I think out of all the days yesterday was one of the most fierce and rough days! I believe it was the combination of exercises!

Speaking of the Beatles "Its been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog! Its been a hard days night...I should be sleeping like a log!!!" I found myself having muscle spasms in the middle of the night! I did what any normal person would up...started walking and cursing Laurel under my breath!

We got our body fat percentage taken yesterday by Laurel! Who ever invented that pinching tool! I thought we were in the horror movie SAW V - CUT OFF THE FAT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!! However I am anxious to see the results! Johanna has that to look forward to when she returns! Vegas is a scary place! They want your gambling money so FOOD is CHEAP! All you can eat buffets for $4.95!!! What happens in Vegas...I got faith in you though JO!

Lucky us because tonight we get Mike! Maybe if I click my heels three times I can be at home like the Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R. "

Until next time my peeps!

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